My pillars and investment strategy

Thank you for sharing your information and your journey. Regarding buying into your 2nd pillar i think you should do it over many years 10 years to optimize the taxes and to keep your options open (salary raise, bonus).

I have a question maybe I am trying to over optimize my taxes but here is my plan.

I have 100k chf in cash and my initial plan was to buy 25k into my 2nd pillar which pays 2% to reduce taxes and invest the rest in VT ETF. Then I thought that this money will be blocked for a long time (im in my mid thirties) and I’m not interested in real estate. I was thinking to buy 100k of VT ETF in Ibk then use the margin loan (Lombard) to get 25k CHF at 3.8% Interest rate. This way I’m reducing my taxes from buying into 2nd pillar and from paid interest, and the 25k will be “working” in the stock market. Also the thing I like about the Lombard loan is that its interest is tax deductible unlike a house where the interest is compensated by the valeur locative for the taxes.
What do you think about this plan ?

I don’t think you should see the margin loan as related.

You should decide instead how much leverage you want independently of buyins. Leverage impacts your risk.