My foray into private banking

Not much value add to me at present.

In the future I can envisage hiring a bank to look after my finances and help with “inter-generational planning” once wealth grows and death or senility are imminent !


Would be funny to run VT at IB and having CHF 100k at Volt and to compare it after couple of years.

Edit: Has anyone an account with Volt? Do you have access to the factsheets of the products?

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I‘m currently supporting a family member who inherited a securities account in a large bank (not in Switzerland) where she is served by Private Banking. Being neither interested nor motivated or very literate in financial things has kept a six-figure sum in cash/equivalents for the last (more than) ten years. Didn’t do or decide anything, basically.

I suggested asking her private banking advisor about index ETFs for EM bonds and global stocks, and recommended a particular global stock ETF that‘s actually offered by that bank‘s asset management division. 0.25% yearly expense ratio.

She quickly received a reply from her private banking advisor to prefer actively managed funds instead. And a counterproposal for two mutual funds at 1.45% and 1.61% yearly charges, respectively. Though that’s of course only after (not taking into account) upfront fees.

Had and voiced exactly the same thought as @xerox5003 yesterday (just not with VT in particular):
Would be fun to have these two investment proposals run head-to-head.


As per your PM kindly requesting an update.

CS. Portfolio is of course safe. It’s actually well structured and my first priority is to get some other monies invested, not liquidate or transfer existing positions. Some Im just waiting for the dust to settle on the merger.

UBS. Have explored with them a hybrid model, comprising a discretionary direct CHF bond portfolio and their new “myway” hybrid active/passive offering for the equities that would also be comprised of direct holdings. This eliminates the TER and I’ve got them down to a blended 70bp for all-in fees.

Do It Yourself. I’ve opened accounts at both Swissquote and Cornertrader and am piloting some modest equity and bond portfolios there to understand how much of a time commitment it is and whether I can see myself “taking over the tiller”. It’s pretty hard to ignore the 50bp annual saving this would generate, especially as most of the homework on allocation has been done.

UBS. Straight custody account. Non starter, the pricing here is ludicrous compared to the mentioned Swiss brokers, let alone eg IBKR. Custody is 35bp and trades are close to 100bp