Mustachians, introduce yourselves!


Thank you @rolandinho for your warm welcome. Indeed food waste is a heresy, considering how many people suffer from hunger and poverty ! I have developped a lot of strategies to keep and eat things many people would not consider edible :joy: It would be interesting to start a thread on this topic


Indeed it would be interesting. I have heard that most food conservation tricks can be learned in books for preparing a cruise (in the sea you have to keep your food edible as long as possible), but I’d be interested to see how forum members do it in practice.


I always found this really hilarious. I have a box of salt that proudly proclaims it comes from a Himalayan lake that dried out 250 million years ago, but sadly it expired a few years ago. :rofl: Really unlucky, I guess… :stuck_out_tongue:


On a side note, I believe Coop stopped to add the 50% stickers to stuff that expire the next day.
It has always been a great thing for me, especially when I don’t know what to eat (I suffer of the “too-much-choice-I-don’t-know-what-to-pick” syndrome… )


Just bought some stuff with the 50% stickers yesterday, so they don’t seem to have stopped, at least at the Coop I go to :smile:


I have arrived. :wink:


Hello Mustachians,

I am a 40 year young Indian guy living in Basel Stadt with my girlfriend for the last 10 years.
I stumbled upon this forum a couple of months ago and have been lurking around reading up on topics. There is a wealth of knowledge on this forum and lots to learn!

I have always been a frugal spender (currently saving 52% of income post compulsory deductions, before taxes) but didn’t take the first steps into the investing world in Switzerland until I chanced upon Mr. MP’s blog 9 months ago. After that, I opened a Swissquote account, started investing in Swiss ETFs, read some more on this forum, opened a Degiro account (thanks to ThePoorSwiss) and have now started investing in Vanguard ETFs.

I will share more details about myself in the “share your story” thread.

I want to thank everyone on this forum for contributing and educating. The world of FI/FIRE is complex at first and it helps to have experienced forum members. :slight_smile:

Thanks also to Mr. MP for creating this forum which is Switzerland specific. I will try to contribute in whatever way possible (in my own little capacity and knowledge).


Hi All,

I’m software engineer in the late thirties living in Lausanne (hence the username…) but commuting by train a couple of hours a day, with two young kids (3 months / 3 years).
Many thanks to @_MP for creating this blog! (Hey, we’re almost neighbors). I just very recently stumbled upon it while researching ETF choices for CHF. And I just completed the reading the whole blog (in french) a few days ago, and enjoyed it a lot (I must admit, I’m standing up a 5AM and shelving my T-shirts vertically since then :sweat_smile: ).

We’re also in the process of finding a house to buy, so much userful infos found over here!

With Ms.LSN, we’ve always been pretty frugal without actually forcing it, and managed to put aside a comfortable sum, but we’ve never done any investing. I’m right now teaching myself about ETF investing (reading many books) therefore I’m so glad I found this blog and forum. I also plan to buy ETFs for the kids, for long term holding, I saw there’s even a forum topic for that!
And by the way, if I can reach FI/RE, that would certainly be awesome! I guess, that would be my goal.
So if there should be a local meetup with some beer, please let me know!


Welcome to the Forum - happy to see other FIRE-walkers from Basel area here!


Hi everyone!

A huge thank you @_MP for creating this blog. There is ton of useful information for us swiss here :slight_smile:

I am an early 20-something student, working part time. Because of that I haven’t been able to save much lately.
Early 2019 I will have completed my studies and can start getting the savings rate up :grin:

I have some time now before I start investing and complete my studies, so I am still contemplating things like broker choice, fund domicile, fund choices etc. Right now I am leaning towards Corner Trader, investing in single CHF denominated All World fund, to save on costs.


HI Everyone!
I’ve been following the blog for a while, but finally decided to take the plunge into the forums because of the Initiative Monnaie pleine. I’m 43, and have lived in Geneva long enough to naturalize. I’m a school librarian and I’ve bought a renovation project that I hope to finally be able to move into next May. Right now, I’m juggling the rent :scream: and the mortgage, plus my project manager’s salary from my paycheck.
Investing? It’s all going to the house right now (and the US credit card and the Swiss credit card). But I’m learning how much flexibility is in my budget because so far I’m still afloat.
Once all my houseguests are gone, I’ll look for a flatmate for the autumn to help.
I really appreciate an English language discussion forum and look forward to learning lots and contributing!


Hello everybody,

so nice to find you here. I’m quite new to the whole FIRE thing and was reading US Blogs and articles, and wondering if there is any swiss community. It did take me a while, but I found you: wink:

I’m a Greek guy that started his FIRE journey a couple of months ago. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m happy to be on my way. In a couple of days I will share a bit more an the share your story section.

I’m looking forward to learn a lot here and of course contribute as far as I can.


Hello, I am Bea. I live in Geneva, I am French, I have lived abroad most of my adult life (London and Singapore). I am married to Matt who is British. We recently discovered the FIRE community and are very excited by this lifestyle, more living and less worrying! Thanks MP for this excellent site and all the members for crowdsourcing. I hope to be able to contribute a little to the conversation.


Hello all, another Geneva resident here!

I’m Kelvin a transplant from Canada (Hong Kong born, Toronto raised, became an adult in Vancouver). @_MP all this photos you have of Canada I completely recognize!

I discovered the blog awhile ago, forgot about it, and now back at it again. As an academic you also learn to be frugal, but sometimes not in a smart way. Thanks to blogs like this and members on this forum I hope to learn little by little!



Hi everyone,
Im living with my girlfriend and two girls (cats :wink: ) in the canton of Aargau. Im in my late twenties and work in a single family office/holding company in Zurich. I started my “career” as a bank apprentice, founded several companies before 18, started at the same time with daytrading, earned too much money for a young guy - and lost everything with 21. Well, it took me 3 years to financially/mentally recover and decided thereafter that this will never happens again. Two years ago I was able to really start saving for investing, but I`ve been living the frugal lifestyle since 21. My save rate is close to 70%(before taxes).
Happy that I found other people who live the same philosophy.


Damn I’m jealous about your childhood :slight_smile:
Do you get back often to Canada?

Enjoy your stay on the forum!


@_MP I’m right now writing this reply on the sea-to-sky highway :slight_smile:! Fresh crisp air, foggy mountains and lots and lots of rain.

But yes, I try to go back once a year in either Vancouver or Toronto.


Hi guys!

I’m a 28y old iOS Developer (IT guy) who recently move to Switzerland (Zurich) from Portugal.

I’ve started reading about FI last month when I found ThePoorSwiss blog.
After that, I spent some time searching for Swiss related FI blogs and found MrRip and MP.

And now, here I’m.


Hi everyone,

I’m a 28-year old IT consultant - moved to Zurich, Switzerland 2 years ago after finishing studies abroad. I’m originally from Romania.

I’ve followed the conversation here for year now, and started an ETF portfolio on Interactive brokers based on the discussions here. I’m very glad to have found this forum and hope to stay in touch until we reach FI (or at least enjoy ourselves while we try!


Hi everyone,

I am a 21 year old university student studying computer science. I am about to start living alone in about two months and I don’t really have the most financially literate parents in the world. I want to be financially sound so I do not have to pay the price years from now. I am also interested in investing, but I am not the most educated on the subject