Mustachians, introduce yourselves!



Funny how a few days ago I was thinking how cool it would be to have a Swiss-FI forum of some sorts. Thanks for taking care of it _MP!

A little about myself: 28 year old Swiss & UK national, born and raised in Romandie, but moved to the Basel area 3 years ago. Getting married next year, and planning on having 2 to 3 kids and start working on them in about 3 years. Own 2 rental flats in Romandie that I rent (paying back the mortgages on both), maxing out my 3rd pillar, and starting with ETFs in January. With kids in our plans, it’s hard to know how we’ll FIRE, except that we’ll RE between the age of 45 and 50. We talk about RE in Romania or the likes once the kids are out.

Current goals are opening a 3A with, but it’s all in German which is extra work :wink:


Dear Mustachians,
I’m the Financial Imagineer; mid-30’s - married with two children - Swiss national with Economics background living in Asia, working in the financial industry advising high net-worth individuals with their investments since my mid 20’s. Fascinated by investing since age 16, reached 6 figures investment portfolio by early 20’s, bought first real estate mid 20’s, experimented with single stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, FX and options of all kind. Reached 7 figure net-worth by early 30’s and still keep building up further. Income streams from fixed income, equity dividends and rentals (parking lots, living room). Fan of MMM and FIRE community since several years. Personal Finance passionado and travel hacker (collecting miles wherever/ however possible). Currently working on recession-proofing and further boosting my passive income streams and looking for ways to keep credit/ loan lines with banks with attractive conditions in case dropping the monthly paycheck in the future.
Very happy to learn and share more together with and from this community!
Looking forward to spend more time in this great Forum.
Thanks for setting it up MP!!!


Can you please suggest some german language blogs? Thanks in advance!


Hi MiriKi

to name a few:

Have fun!



I just stumbled over the FI movement lately and am soaking up as much as possible. Great to have a platform to discuss topics specific to Switzerland!

About myself: 30ish, living in Zürich with my long-time girlfriend. Frugal by nature, I always worked part-time and blew my cash with traveling and having 1-2 year mini retirements.

About my investments: A chalet in the mountains has been supplemented with a rental property recently. I always leveraged Pillar 3a (Index Funds) for tax savings and started ETF index investing two years ago.

If my next mini retirement would not be planned already, I could reach FI in a handful of years. But hey, now it’s gonna take a little longer.


Hi there,

I enjoyed MMM, Monevator and others for some time when in a recent post on Monevator I learned about this site. Good there is one for us in Switzerland since it is a hard environment to be frugal: health insurance, taxes, rent and groceries are expensive here and this is not the full list ! Transportation, … could be long.

I live in VD. Maybe you saw me in the bus ? A middle-aged (44) guy looking tired (two small children) reading on his smartphone even in a cramped bus, that’s me. After about ten years in Switzerland, moved to Asia for work and came back with my sweet wife some 5 years ago. We bought a 4 rooms flat which we sold 3 years latter to move in the center of Lausanne, near my and her job.

As of today I’m 10% financially independent. Which means that based on my calculations, I get 10% of the needed income from mainly dividends and REITs.

Looking forward to read useful things from you and share my knowledge when possible.



Hi Everybody, it’s nice to find out that there is also this kind of community in Switzerland!

I am Julien, 30 years old, a Frenchman married to a Polish woman.
We arrived in Zürich (Leimbach) at the beginning of the year, and i work as a Software developer for a financial company.
Prior to that we used to live in Paris.

I am already a big fan of the Early Retirement Extreme and MMM communities, and it is nice to see how we can adapt these principles to the peculiarities of Switzerland.
Although i was already saving a big chunk of my money in the past, I started to push it a lot further this year. I am around 10% financially independent. The road to the goal is still long, but it is worth it!

I hope to learn and share a lot here,



Hi Everyone,

Excited to join this Swiss community after stumbling across MMM last year. Im 36, married with two young kids. We’re currently transitioning to a more frugal lifestyle (as we know, not easy always easy here!) and I’m looking to start my investment portfolio next year. Busy digesting info on what broker and funds to kick off with- thanks to all for your contributions on this already as the information is gold dust!

Let the learning continue…


Hi everybody.

I’m weirded, 40 years old, married with 2 children (11 and 8).

Work as civil engineer in TI.

Began my journey a little bit seriously only at the end of 2015 after discovering MMM site.

Target is 55, don’t think I will finish earlier 'cause my saving rate is not that high and wife doesn’t help… :joy:
Then I would like to spend winter months abroad (central or south america) and coming back for spring-summer to see daughter/son… let’s see, who knows ?

For investments I use Migros Bank (began with them having my mortgage there) and since the last 6 months also Swissquote (mainly for ETF purchase).



Ciao everyone,

iamaneye here, writing from Bern. I’m a relatively new mustachian in my mid-30s, married with one kid. I’m not exactly what you call frugal, but my plan is to retire by the age of 50, buy a boat and go sailing around the world. As far as investing is concerned, 2nd and 3rd pillar aside, I have 30% cash (currently USD), and 70% stocks (currently only one ETF, Vanguard VWRL).
Really glad to see this forum taking shape!


Hey iamaneye,
nice to have you here, welcome to the swiss mustachians!
70% VWRL looks like a rock solid foundation for mustachian investing!


Hi everyone,

Been lurking on the forum from it’s inception days. Mid-30s, married with kids. We’re living around the Murtensee, the village is in canton Vaud though. We’re not far off from Neuchatel, Fribourg, and Bern so location is great, except for the darn VD taxes.
We’re a fairly frugal family but nothing hardcore though. We’re walking the FI path but slowed down at the moment due to single income – gotta get the wife back in the saddle :smile:. Concerning investing it’s about 50-50 between cash and VWRL.
Happy to have this online community just a few clicks away!


Hi, I’m a Portuguese 41 y/o software engineer working remotely in the Fribourg canton for a US company. Our family (me, my wife and our 2 kids) arrived in Switzerland in 2012. I found the MP blog a while back due to the 4G modem life hack post, and realized I shared a lot of philosophy (openness about financial issues/knowledge sharing, frugality).

We’ve just started experimenting with saving first 40% of earnings every month, looking forward to see how that pans out and if we’re able to quickly increase that rate.


Hi there. I am a swiss resident from Basel married. reading MMM or financial blogs but never subscibed to one. I hope in this community we can help each other with the swiss ways of FI and smarter life. There are many grounds to cover. chf, shopping across the border, unreal prices for real estate, lack of competition in pillar 3a-products and financial products as well… hmm change that to lack of competition in almost any product… “Hochpreisinsel”, swiss social and health insurance…


Hello, I am a 20 year old swiss software developer. I got introduced to the idea of mustachianism about 1.5 years ago by stumbling over a blogpost from MMM, which lead to reading the whole blog within about 1 month. I just found this blog(also allready completely read XD) as a reference in the big swiss investment thread on the MMM forums. Currently I have a pretty high (>70%) savings rate bacause I live with my parrents and within walking distance of my job.

I still have a lot to figure out like pillar3a, tax optimisation, cooking and just general beeing an adult.

Sorry for the necropost


wow, you are perfectly set up for you firE !
I imagine how far I would be now if I had started it all with 20 :slight_smile:


Yes, congratulations on starting out so young! I’d say it’s already a big step towards “being and adult” :wink:
Welcome to the MP forum.


Hi All,

I have just joined in the hope that I can learn a little more from you guys on my investment journey. I am 34, from the UK, likely to be in Switzerland for the rest of my life (I see this as a good thing! :slight_smile: ). I am just beginning to take greater charge of my families investments rather than relying on the advice of professionals. Hopefully I can also share any useful advice I have learnt whilst I have been researching setting up my own passive investment portfolio. Looking forward to contributing.

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I have been lurking for a few months but didn’t create an account until yesterday.

I spent the last 10 years in the UK. Moved to Switzerland about two months ago. I have always had a bit of a saver/frugal lifestyle but didn’t quite realise the possibilities until about two years ago. My move to Switzerland is driven in part by the will to increase my saving rate and reach FI earlier but I had been meaning to leave the London madness behind for a while. Still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.