Mustachianism in Europe - article about Early Retirement published by Wirtschaftswoche in German

Very happy to see an article (in German though) about Early Retirement published by Wirtschaftswoche on January 4th 2018, it even made the cover page!

Unfortunately the Wirtschaftswoche online is “premium” and needs to be paid for.


Upload somewhere and link?

Also I am not sure if this counts as piracy but Switzerland does not really care so I guess it’s fine.

my solution for this is simply put it on a google drive and share the link. that allows you to post arbitrary content here. maybe a limit of several gigabytes apply ^^

Yes, up to 1 year in jail. The big question is can they convincingly trace your online identity to a real person and if it’s worth doing that economically for the copyright owner…

@hedgehog, thanks for your kind reminder!

If it’s premium content I do hope it will spread further - also to people who won’t be able to pay for it - as I truly believe this topic should be put in front of many more eyeballs!

Here a freely available version recently shared on Business Insider Germany by one of the interviewees from WIWO last time, cool article and hope the FIRE keeps spreading. There are many ways out from a 9-5 till 65, real estate is one of them: