Mustachian Wire Fee


I am curently a PostFinance User. For various reason I have to make wire in usd outside of Switzerland
Each time they take a flat fee around 15chf.
Does anyone know How to reduce this fee ?


(Transfer)Wise or other digital solutions.


I used Wire through my Neon. It simply works, and it’s just very cheap with good exchange rates. Sent money to Australia, arrived the next day. Impressive.

How so?

They list a 2 CHF charge on their web site (though of course there may be other charges for SWIFT transfer).

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Thanks all for your answer

  1. Regarding Wise solution. I have set up and account. But its not possible to send Money on wise directly from Interactive Brokers. So I am multipliying the nber of intermediate and the fees

  2. Neon, I am going to test. Will keep you poste

  3. PostFinance, the Swift Transfer cost 2chf BUT i have to select the « our cost » feature to make sure that the exact amount is wired.

Well you haven’t mentioned IBKR interplay in your original post.
It’s simple still: Draw out CHF from IBKR to wherever you want (for free, hopefully), and send CHF-USD [corrected from EUR, context in my mind didn’t switch from another thread I was reading] from there via Wise to wherever else you want.

He/she needs to transfer USD, not EUR.

For EUR, IBKR to any EUR bank account (or even Revolut, but not TranserWise) would work.

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Thanks for your Feedback. Yep the currency is USD.

Wise fees are prohibitive. 0.5% on the amount wire, i.e 5usd per 1000 usd wired. And the wires are above 5k usd (> 25usd fees)

PostFinance Fees are flat at 22usd (2 usd for the wire and 20 usd for « ourcost » feature) idependently of the wire amount

Thus as of t I am going to try revolut like below

  1. Ib to Postfinance : 0 usd
  2. Postfinance to Revolut : 2 usd
  3. Revolut to final recipient : 4.41 usd

I have to check That the recipient bank doesnt take fees in step 3
If it is the case, I can save 15.59 usd, 70% of initial fees, per wire. Which is a good mustachian achievement

Will let you know if step 3 hypothesis is validate

Can’t you figure out how much (if anything) the recipient bank deducts for SHA (shared) SWIFT payments and then add this to the transfer amount? Only makes sense if the recipient bank takes less than CHF 20, of course. And I don’t know whether the recipient will be the same for all your transfers.

I can If all the recipients have the same bank account. But its not the case

They aren’t. If you use their (free) borderless account, they charge a fixed fee only, not a proportional fee. The obstacle still remains that they don’t support payments from trading platforms (as you know - I’m just writing this for others that may come across this thread).

You could pay out directly from IBKR to Revolut.
They may be queasy about larger sums and ask your proof of source of funds -though they are probably going to anywhere.

…plus, possibly, similar intermediary fees on SWIFT transfers, similarly to from PostFinance:

“The beneficiary bank may also charge a fee to receive your transfer. When your money is in transit, it might be processed by an intermediary bank who might also deduct a handling fee. Therefore, the amount received might be less than the amount you sent.”

Ah thanks a lot @San_Francisco
Let me try this solution for the next wire

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