Mustachian way to own a Tesla

Hello Tesla owners,
I thought the idea of collecting individual tricks and advices about owning a Tesla in Switzerland.

I am starting in this process so I cannot contribute much but I may share what I know so far:

  • I am renting a garage in Basel and they already have a charging setup where I will pay around 40 CHF a month for renting that infracstructure and seems I will pay electricity at 0.23kWh. This still needs to be clarified.
  • Insurance: I am collecting offers from different agencies so I will share afterwards.

Open questions for me:

  • is there any preffered charging station rather than Tesla ones? which one is the cheapest most efficient? Maybe worth differentiating speed charging / normal charging?

  • which winter tyres and rims did you purchase? tesla official is 2250 chf, way to much, any advice or recommendation specially for the rims?

  • Battery maintanance advices? I heard it’s ideal to not go below 20% and not above 80%.

  • Accesories worth its value?

Thank you all for building on this.

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Don’t own a car but judging from @technikblog_ch’s Twitter & Blog content the way to mustache your way to a Tesla is with a house + PV


You first need the house :wink:

Yeah, get your priorities straight! :rofl:

no, not for me at least. If you can charge at home / your garage, charging stations only matters on longer road trips (>400km). And If you are on such trips, you are going to use the tesla navigation with suggested charging stations along the route (with infos on stall usage, auto precondition your car battery, …) no way I’d go anything else to save a few CHF…

Once you do some research, you are going to find the tesla price is not that bad. It’s even cheap for a MY (other, more expensive dimensions). For M3:

  • A set of “brand tires”: ~600CHF
  • A set of cheap rims (no steal rims available!): ~800 CHF (I bought mine from here:RWD & AWD - eMoba)
  • A set of TPM sensors: ~360 CHF
  • To have everything mounted: ~200 CHF

As I don’t like the stock rims very much, I swapped tires and now use the stock rims with the winter tires and bought some nicer rims that I use with the stock summer tires…

Depends on what battery technology. Performance / long range models: Yes (NMC batteries). Standard range: No (LFP batteries).
NMC batteries like it the most around 50%. For daily usage I keep mine between 30-70% (~200Km of range).


What’s the total cost per year for this? how do you have the setup? I just saw that you need a machine running 24/7 to be able to use it…

As of today, there are no ‘Software, Service or API, …’ related costs (Tesla may charge API access in the future though).

And you need indeed a device running 24/7. Using a RPi, total electricity costs are going to be at around ~15 CHF per year (~30kWh)

I run my teslamate instance on an Intel NUC (more powerfull than a RPi but the machine serves other purposes for me as well).

You can also run everything off-site, e.g. on a hetzner cloud server for around 4 CHF per month (

At the end the Tessie app seems to be a simpler option for me. What’s the value added of Tesla Mate?

if nothing else, Tesla Mate is free of charge :sweat_smile:

Good question, with a simple answer: I own my data and decide where and how it is stored and how I or others can access my data…

It’s true if that’s important for you. In my case I would like to have quick access to the data for some time to understand the car and then I think i will be not looking at it that much because I would know what to expect. In this case my assesment is that Tessie is a good enough, simple solution for me at 5$ a month (probably I will be using it during the winter only).

Thanks for the info and good support

You got a garage in Basel incl. access to electricity for 40 - per month?

Garage rent is 200. Electricity charging infrastructure is 40 chf/month