Mustachian Shared Flat Project Zurich 2020

Hi Everybody Im looking to create a Mustachian Shared Flat around Zurich (+/- 10 km)

Some more infos about me:

  • Male 33 yrs.
  • swiss-italian citizensip
  • languages Swiss German, German, Italian, English, Spanish and a bit of French
  • Im working as a Polymechanical for “Stadt Zürich”. Besides that im studying for the " Ergänzungsprüfung Passerelle ‘Berufsmaturität/Fachmaturität – universitäre Hochschulen"
  • Im interested in “Financial Independence by 40 topics”, economy, sports like Calisthenics, gym, outdoor hiking, books, Lifelong learning, Working on financial Portfolio with Financial Advisors & Lawyers

Criterias for the flat:

  • 3.5 to 5 room flat
  • Budget ca. 400 Fr. - 600 Fr. each
  • max 4 people per flat
  • Move in date flexible

Looking for cleany mustachians who are for example interested in:

  • economy & money
  • Law
  • maybe science
  • “retirement early topics”
  • Wealth Strategies

Im thinking also of mustachians who are openminded, ideally vegetarians and who would like to live with 1,2 or 3 mustachians together. You should ideally be open to sometimes organize some activities together like dinners, outdoor activities, cards game, movies, little party etc.)
But of course everyone should have his/her privacy as well.

This is just a suggestion and we can talk about it further ideas.

Looking forward to receive feedbacks!

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