Mustachian portfolios

Interesting. What’s the leveraged part?

TMF (3x long 20+ Year Treasury), UPRO (3x long SP500) and TQQQ (3x long Nasdaq)

I see, ballsy! Is this just short-term bullishness? I guess in the long run these leveraged ETF’s costs would break your neck, wouldn’t they?

Also wondering if margin or options would be cheaper, have you checked that?

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I own them long-term (even if they are designed for short term). Options would be cheaper, but more complex to maintain.
The backtesting is great. TMF reduces the volatility.
This strategy has been explain on this form: HEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure [risk parity strategy using 3x leveraged ETFs] -


There’s a very interesting Reddit-input on this strategy: “HedgeFundie’s “Excellent Adventure” update: this approach is down around 42% YTD. A non-leveraged 60/40 for comparison is only down 12%. Backtesting to create hindsight-opitimized portfolios is a dangerous game.”

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I want to get ONE ETF for the missus on a monthly-DCA-forever basis.

Which one would you recommend?

  • VTI?
  • VWRL? and which one?
  • anything else?

VWRL doesn’t matter which one, that’s just different exchanges it is traded on, you’ll get the same product no matter which exchange you use.

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Thanks. Any better options? VT?

Is there a version of VWRL that is accumulating?
(edit: found it, VWCE - why would I not buy that instead?)

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that was my thinking as well.

Assuming your gf earns CHF.

It depends at which broker, IMO.

At IB then VTI.
At a Swiss Broker then VWRL, the one traded on SIX in CHF, to avoid FX from CHF to USD (at a Swiss Broker = expensive)

Unfortunately accumulating VWCE is not available in CHF (at SIX), so up till now avoiding that one. If VWCE were available in CHF (at SIX), then I’d change from VWRL to VWCE.
The dividends of VWRL are unfortunately in USD, so after these USD’s have to be exchanged to CHF to be used (to re-invest in VWRL).

PS it would be VT, not VTI.

she has an IB account, so most everything is available.

So why pick VT over VWRL?


TER 0.07 : 0.22%

Transaction costs
VT = cheap!
VWRL = Check the transaction costs of those various stock exchanges offered, will probably have extra fees at LSE etc.

for dividend situation, check out
“US and IE domiciled funds are perfectly equal for the total world case” from the thread


Hello everybody
We are looking for an all World ETF in Swiss Currency - does anyone have experience with the VANGUARD ALL WORLD ETF DIST (IE00B3RBWM25)?
Thanks for your opinions!



You are aware that the ETFs trading currency has no impact on currency risk or investment performance, are you?


I’m working on my understanding of this - one reason why I issued the post.

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