Mustachian (frugal?) watches

I know few fellow members have expressed their passion for watches, also we are in Switzerland, thus wondering what watches fellow mustachians posses.

  1. Was always obsessed with Rolex Submariner, but once on the way home in tram (Zurich) counted like 5 of those. Also started noticing that it’s rather first watch for many (even) teenagers or career starters. So, overall lost the lust and went opposite way.

  2. Orient Bambino - used to be my main work watch. Funny that it got compliments from IB bankers. I guess they had no clue that is was cheapo. Also, my first one got stolen, in swiss, in gym at 6pm. Guy took only watch, no CC or so. Would like to see his face if he tried to sell it :slight_smile: Since then got updated version with hacking movement which since WFM is barely used.

  3. Seiko SKX009 - one for the beach

  4. Casio G Shock gw5610 - go to watch after baby arrived, love the idea of always being in sync of time, dial light up is handy to check when da hell baby waked me up and have use for few daily alarms as well.

  5. For the future would like to add Seiko SARX035 (missed SARB035) to counter Rolex Explorer desire

And one day if I stop being frugal I would like:

  1. Tissot PRX powermatic, first entry Swiss.
  2. Omega Speedmaster, always liked them because of the story.
  3. Rolex Submariner/Daytona, just emh why not join the crowd.
  4. Patek Nautilus.
  5. Some of those brash A Lange & Sohne ones. Don’t even care which ones.

So go ahead, let’s make this frugal life more fun and tell about your (desired) watches :slight_smile:




I have one Hermès but I do not even wear it nowadays.
I do not like it when working with a keyboard.
It has been so long that I stopped replacing the battery.

My phone gave me the time since then.

How do you keep them all alive ?

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I like this segment. I do not find myself wearing them that often, but here are the ones I have.

  1. Old swatch left by my stepfather, used it a lot. But since I replaced the battery I’m not able to close it, so I just have it laying around(img taken from the internet)

  2. Another cheap swatch that I use sometimes

  3. My first automatic, Ingersoll The Jazz. Cheap and good looking american watch.

And this is my wishlist

PRX 80

Seiko 5 Sports

I’m not a fan of the Submariner, but when it comes to not very frugal watches I’d like a Breguet 5930 and if I ever win the lottery (or find a nice stock xD) will look into getting a Royal Oak.


This is my (not so frugal) watch. IWC portuguese chronograph.
I was young and didn’t need the money nor had any idea of FIRE…

I love the timbertex bracelet made of paper, plus the company is from my hometown. :slight_smile:


Same here. So i chose to buy the moonswatch mercury for 250.-. It is still expensive though for a Swatch who’s probably not going to last long, but i found the design pretty cool.


Distinguish designed watch, low profile but easily recognisable, here are two watches designed by architects :wink: and a designer’s fav. I don’t own any of them.

A just-out: Alvaro Siza for Cauny, with two models. $
A big classic: Max Bill for Junghans, with the known round edge glass, several variants (including with mechanical movement) were designed based in the original 60’s models. $$$
And a big designers’ fav. Dieter Rahms for Braun: AW10, several times reissued. $


Not very mustachian but I am on the waitlist for the Submariner. (If anyone has any connections feel free to PM me :smiley: )

My thinking being getting it now was that I have always wanted it and when I was in Portugal I thought it was absurd to spend a year in salary to get one (yeye being paid 900€/mo out of university).
Now with me being able to buy it with 1 month’s salary I don’t feel too bad, plus I know that I will wear it forever and won’t have to buy anything else.

I currently have this Tissot (since my 18’s birthday) and it’s an amazing watch. Only had to buy 1 leather bracelet and replace the battery 3 times.

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Fun fact, a lot of people asked is my 500 CHF Victorinox Swiss Army watch was a Submariner. Looks really similar, and gives the time just as well :sweat_smile:

Wearing it every day, at works, outdoors and looks like new after a clean up.

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My approach:



Most of the time, there is a phone / laptop around somewhere and I know exactly where the watches are on my commute… and I got quite used in “reading the time from other peoples wrists” :laughing:


I think watches are more a fashion accessory nowadays where you choose one matching your outfit.
Moreover like a car, it is also a status symbol.

For me, It had a meaning during my dating period (as shoes and other accessories ) but nowadays I am way over it.


Well, indeed they are. Cheap quartz is more accurate in telling time than expensive Rolex, which is main utility.
Were from more expensive car, you would expect at least better build quality, comfort and etc. so better utility.
Watches are literally jewelry these days. However, I hate all other jewelry, except watches :slight_smile:


Ooh I do like this thread. :slight_smile:

And yes I agree - (classic) watches are more or less the only jewellery that men have.

I consider myself a (frugal) admirer of Japanese craft. :grin:

Thus my inexpensive box of guilty-pleasure candies looks as follows.

And each one is special (to me) in a certain way.

Seiko Alpinist (sharktooth) - since I enjoy the mountains, and this one won’t be on each banker’s wrist around.
My most beloved and expensive piece (still well below 1000chf).

Seiko SKX007 - a classic diver, perfect summer companion; my first automatic.

Seiko Kinetic (SRN series) - a gift from family; and an interesting combo movement - it has the oscillating weight, but in turn it charges a battery, and the hands themselves are quartz powered (sort of a hybrid-car-watch :grin:).
Should be on leather but I’ve been lazy to get a new band.

Citizen Eco-Drive Chrono - solar-powered, made of titanium; for a “sportier” look.

Casio G-shock - inverted display, radio-synced, solar-powered, indestructible (kevlar band :grin:).

(And finally out of category - a Garmin Fenix 5s for the outdoors)


I also have an Orient and some others. However; nowadays I am so happy to have left behind these heavy-ass status symbols. I only wear a sports/smartwatch now. In my Finance environment at work that’s surprisingly more common to see than the “old” watches :slight_smile:


It’s odd how this watch can perform wonderfully for many years and costs less than $50.

Seikos definitely have an excellent value for money.

I love Hamilton watches: they are a good mid-range elegant watches with lots of value for money.
But my favorite frugal one is this Citizen eco-drive (no battery needed) that I got from EasyJet from the on-board shop for around 130chf. Indestructible and unstoppable: I had it 6 months in a closet, no exposure to light, and it was still running on its charge. On top of that it is super precise and reliable: it never misses a beat.

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