Mustachian daycare

Hello Ladies and Gents, from November I’ll need day care for two days per week for my one year old baby. Do you have any tips and tricks how to limit this insanely high cost?

Have one more baby and get a nanny? :laughing: Tagesmutter is another option.

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In Ticino (but I imagine there should be something similar in the Zurich area) there are these Daycare Families Costs are lower than a typical daycare.

There are other kinds of subsidy for families where both parents work, I’ll look for the link to this info and post it back…

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Right on their homepage:


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The costs vary across Switzerland, so what I have here is mainly relevant for kanton Bern.

Most if not all “Kitas” have subsidized spots. We’ve only ever used these. They will usually offer some additional private, unsubsidized ones for people who are desperate for a spot in a given “KITA” or subscribe too late (generally after the cutoff date which is corresponding to the beginning of a school year, so in August). I’m afraid this may be the case if you are looking only just now for a spot in November.

You can look up the costs in ct. Bern in this online calculator:

As you can see the costs scale with income up to around 180’000 CHF, above which you pay the full price.
Pensum is in days, so 20% - 1 day, 40% - 2 days etc.

Other then that, you might want to visit your city hall (“Gemeinde”) and ask if there is a “Tageselterverain” or any other organization made for this purpose. In my town, you can get in touch with associated “Tagesmutter” and the prices are fixed. As far as I know, my neighbours were paying approximately 5 CHF per hour.

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