Mustachian / Affordable animal (day)care

Good afternoon dear Mustachians, and happy festive season (for who celebrates).

We have dogs (in itself quite non-Mustachian, but somewhere you gotta give :dog:) and so far it has been smooth sailing, barring the occasional vet bill and uncooperative insurance, but one thing which is concerning me in Switzerland is the astronomical cost of dog (day)care a.k.a. pensions. It is more expensive per-night than many hotels and even child Kita, if you allow me the comparison.

Does any of you have frugal recommendations when it comes to accommodate or care for your pooch(es) for a couple of days and nights, in case of absences?

I don’t have a dog, but I did it for my dog-owning friends - so if you have any dog-loving ones in your circle:
2x daily checks for walks and food should suffice (over a couple of days at least, not talking weeks/months on end).
I occasionally also spent the night with the snoop, but because I wanted so. :slight_smile:


I’d try to set up a sharing system with someone you trust with your pet, and who also has pets. You take care of theirs, they take care of yours.

If you have more than one, it should work out also during holidays.

Quid pro quo.

In case that is not possible, just ask around in your circle of friends or at work.
We found someone that way who will look after our cats for 50 CHF a day. Not cheap, but we’ve had more expensive ones before.

Also, in vet’s offices or in supermarkets on pinboards there are some people who offer services, like retired people.

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For our cats we usually organise a housesitter. It’s a bit of work to find one but for the cats it’s great as they can stay at home. Until now we had to people from Australia and one from the UK. Didn’t cost anything except a bit more food.

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