Mustachian Accountant Recommendation

Hi all,

I’m looking for a recommendation for a good accountant in Switzerland, i.e. somebody who really understands how the system works, is even a mustachian and thoroughly understands howto file tax returns for stocks bought in different countries, including accumulating ETF’s, dividend payments as well as income earnt overseas etc.

What i’m asking does’nt appear to apply to any accountant that i’ve spoken to so far, I am a little bit stuck.


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If you drop the mustachian requirement you should be able to find one rather easily. Foreign stocks, dividends and accumulating ETFs all are not really an issue, only oversees income could be tricky.
Point is, you simply need to hire an actual accountant/fiduciary and pay for it. A run-of-the-mill “accountant” offering tax services for 200 CHF or less won’t do the job in your case.

Do it yourself…

PwC offers services for private persons too:
You will surely get the best service there, but I don’t know how expensive it will be.

But before wasting some 1000s of CHF on some consultant, just try actually filing your taxes with your cantons software. The wizard will usually ask you everything it needs.

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I am finding myself in a similar situation for the first time this year (income in Switzerland + abroad, dividends, withholding tax to try and recover, etc). It seemed a bit intimidating and so I was considering to ask advice to a proper accountant, but if that’s the price I would be facing, there’s incentive to try myself first :wink:
Especially since the Swiss tax authorities seem to be quite relaxed when it comes to honest mistakes.

Do you know if the canton’s software can be used to file even though I am taxed at source? Or at least get the “full declaration”, that I could maybe boil down manually to the “simplified” declaration for people taxed at source.