Munger dies at 99

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I really hoped he would get to the 100. :cry:
Sad day.


It’s an astonishing age for an American male !
He even lived longer than the Queen

I loved his wit and sharp tongue. I hoped he’d live to witness the collapse of cryptos :stuck_out_tongue:

He showed everybody that you could get rich with strong ethics.

In spite of a lot of adversity in his early adulthood, he got back up and rose to prosperity and a life full of meaningful relationships.

He was always keen to share his wisdom, and how to think about a life well spent.

It is a sad day. May we all strive to live lives impactful enough that when we die a community of people mourns together.

Charlie was truly an example.

He is now one of the eminent deads he cherished so much. I hope the conversations with Franklin are as good as those with Warren…


One of my favourite interactions between the duo:

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Yes, he really loved Costco… and I would not blame him for him :smiley:

Talking about a tribute to Charlie, I once again can only recommand his speech on the Psychology of Human Misjudgment:

And the whole thing is only one chapter of the marvelous book Poor Charlie’s Almanack. By the way, the book used to be a bit pricey, but Stripe Press is going to release another print edition next week at half the usual price:

I strongly recommand it! It lands easily in my top 5 books…