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The P2P part of course. I looked at your blog. Seems to me like you already gave away at least 25% of your money to probable scammers. You should be doing due diligence before serving recommendations via your blog.


MP at least seems to advertise for reasonable good products… not for high-risk semi-scam things.

Not sure where you see advertisement in my blog. I just document my journey and don’t recommend one platform over another specifically.

We get it. You don’t mind any commision dripping in, doesn’t matter from which platform.

How can you make this statement? You know it is false, every p2p lender is linked via a referral link on your blog.

Why don’t you just invest it in VT?

Yeah I link to all plattforms, I do want the blog to be an additional income source at some point. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Why not just VT?
I don’t want to need to accumulate some 3 Mio. CHF with a 3% SWR but instead have more risk appetite for higher returns. Also I think a stock market fall is likely in 2020 (yeah maybe irrational and timing the market but whatever)

I fully understand that my timing with the blog was a bit unfortunate with the collapsing platforms but I didn’t expect such a hostile community here to be honest.

The problem is, you are taking extremely high risk for very little profit. A large portion of your P2P is at risk of a 100% loss, something nearly impossible on the stock market unless you try very very hard.

We are advocating financial literacy on this forum and throwing money at ponzi scams is anything but that.

Oh and yeah, you bought Facebook advertisements because you wanted to share your “journey”? Right…


I’m seriously more interested in how you make 50k/y on the side

I btw abandoned all P2P investing in the meantime… as MrRIP identified it correctly: It’s all scam and ponzi scheme in the end. Thanks everyone getting some sense into my head & investing strategy. VT ftw.


It’s my 1 year forum membership anniversary… I’m certainly more active here than on my blog, hehe.


Hey happy bday Mr.Cheese.

Your situation looks great, congrats. A few questions if I may.

How the hell do you manage to get a salary of 250k in IT?? I’m an embedded sw engineer with a Bachelor working in R&D for a big company and I’m only at 110k… The worst part? I’m 36… Does IT pay so much better? Our fields are not so far.

Any advice for a 36yo that is at 80k NW?

Is that base or total comp? (I think @MrCheese numbers are total comp, so there’s bonus + RSU/options).

Did you try interviewing elsewhere to see if you’re underpaid?

Software Engineer Salaries in Switzerland | has some number for big tech companies (mostly Zurich though, and can be biased)

Big portion of luck, and one of the FAANG companies. Not many others pay those amounts in Switzerland.

Depends on your situation. But generally: start a pillar 3a, track/optimize your spending, start investing in ETFs (I’m mostly in VT and ARKK).
If you’re looking for a significant salary boost look into consulting, I know several people that make around 250k as independent consultants.

I love your latest watch collection addition! Exquisite dial finish.
I am myself an appreciator of Japanese machinery (in all forms :slight_smile:).
Yet I need to stay a bit more modest - I added the Alpinist to my shelf (which matches my obsession with the mountains).

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I very much agree with this (I say that as a partial crypto investor lending my BTC via blockfi, etc). A total loss would actually require you buy some mega altcoin shit or penny stock … and even those seldom go to zero.

Let me tell you, I made only minor p2p investments in the past and I had a number of 100% write-offs ( lender from poland going bust, envestio going away, etc etc)

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Thanks, it’s gorgeous, I caught myself several times admiring the finish of the dial for several minutes. And what I find amazing thanks to the spring drive and the high frequency it’s literally silent.

Don’t worry the P2P scam times are long over. Regarding investing my BTC… I’m a burnt child from the Mt.Gox hack and would have a hard time loosing those 6.5 BTC… but then letting them sit in my wallet is not a great thing either… I’ll need to make up my mind…

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Looking forward to year two, when it will be hopefully possible to gather around a large fondue to celebrate. :slight_smile:

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It’s total comp. I just changed job, I started in January and got a 10% increase from my last one which was already a more than 10% increase so I guess I’m going in the right direction at least.
I realize now that maybe I should have better negotiated my salary in the current company, oh well I was already happy with a 10% increase and the job is really interesting so I guess I have that going for me.

On I see there is a single entry where I live for a senior software engineer going at 134k so I guess I got my answer, I’m a little under paid :frowning:

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Cool well your story is inspiring to me :slight_smile:

I already had a 3A setup but I moved it from UBS to VIAC. I just started investing in VT for now, what is the rational of also buying ARKK if I may ask? I also am looking more closely at my expenses now and maximizing my savings.

I’m not sure I have the network to go into consulting honestly but that might be something to think about at least.

Thanks for the tips.

Thanks, trying my best and happy to share my journey.

I like the aspect that it focuses on disruptive innovation. It’s only 20% of my stock portfolio for now.

All you need is a first project and from there it usually goes on. A friend of mine also switched into teaching at OST (University of Rapperswil) part time.