Moving to US soon - Sell shares now due to capital gain tax?

Hi MP community,

I am seeking for some advice from the tax experts regarding capital gain taxes:

I will move to the US in a few weeks, and I own shares of my company via ESPP. I anyway plan to sell most of them and now I am thinking if it would be smart to sell them before I move to the US, as in Switzerland there is no capital gain tax (for most private investors) and in the US you have at least 10-15% (or more) of capital gain tax.

Am I thinking correctly here?

Many thanks for you thoughts!

Maybe double check the tax treaty, depends how they tax the revenue from the transition year.

(That said for ESPP, it’s likely a good idea to sell early anyway, and move to a more diversified investment as soon as allowed).

If I were you, I’d sell. Even if you decide to buy again after moving.
I think you will have to do an ‘unterjährige Steuererklärung’ from the 1st of january until the day you move. So if you move in early 2020, you could even sell before the end of this year to keep things easier

Yes. US are dickheads and tax you on gains since date of purchase. Hence its good to sell and rebuy.

There’s no reason not to buy back immediately (as long as you aren’t yet US tax resident - because once you’re US tax resident this is likely a wash sale).

Be extra careful with figuring out what date you become US tax resident. In most cases it will be date of arrival - but there’s no point in waiting until last minute, and doing the sell/rebuy now is probably a clean way of being safe.

(But if it’s employer stock definitely don’t rebuy employer stock, you would hopefully know better than that just by reading some boglehead literature.)

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