Moving to Switzerland: credit card recommendations?

Hi! My wife and I are moving from the US to Zurich next month. We won’t be working initially (we have enough savings to defer that for a while) so we’re wondering how hard it’ll be to get a credit card when new and jobless. Since someone is likely to ask: we’re both EU citizens and, as far as we understand from the Zurich immigration office, residing in Switzerland without working is permissible if we can support ourselves without becoming a burden on the state (which we can).

Any suggestions for places to try?

Revolut :slight_smile:
Although it’s actually prepaid, and certain car rental agencies won’t let you book a car with them. Most do (given you have enough money loaded on it).
For all other uses (online bookings and offline payments) it was more than enough for me so far.
Plus the benefit of best exchange rates between currencies.

Hi Rocketron,

If you think to open an account with a swiss bank, you will have a credit card with their banking packages. You can find more information about swiss credit card over there. Like dbu said, you have the option of a multi currency cards to save money on exchange rate and fees. You can have different options. Check this website. Tell me if it is helpful or not.

Hope I help a little bit.


Don’t even think about a credit card from a swiss bank unless you have money to burn

Get revolut for foreign currencies and shopping abroad and if you want get a cashback credit card from coop/migros/swisscard. You find a lot of comparisons in this forum.

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Coop offers free credit card

Thanks for the replies. Revolut looks good indeed and is probably fine alongside a cheap credit card (I don’t like the idea of paying a lot for a credit card!)

For purchases from Swiss merchants, I would highly recommend the Cashback American Express credit card from Swisscard. It has 1% cash back rewards and no annual fee. Take a look at this credit card comparison.

For purchases outside of Switzerland, Revolut is excellent for transactions in major currencies (i.e. USD, GBP, EUR). Also beware of the markup Revolut charges for currency changes on weekends (do exchanges ahead of time on weekdays to avoid this). The Transferwise card works out cheaper for more exotic currencies. Transferwise is also a cheap option for making international transfers. Both are prepaid and have bank accounts in Switzerland into which you can deposit Swiss francs directly. I use both for different purposes.