Moving to new flat + Swiss customs

Hi All,

We have rather strange situation when renting/moving into new flat and need your opinion/advice.

Our new flat rent contract is valid from 1st of November which is Monday. But we would like to move in few days earlier over the weekend, especially knowing that previous renters are out by mid October despite paying rent till end of the month.

Since previous 5 members family lived there for 14 years we suspect that flat might need some cosmetic painting or so, thus we are asking them if tri-party “takover/ubergabe” with renting company could be arranged even earlier (lets say week before) to avoid painting/repairs happening on the day of moving.
However, for all this previous tenant is requesting to pay 1 week rent. This wouldn’t break our bank, but we are not moving in a week earlier either, so it becomes question of principles. Especially, when we are trying to be flexible for the renter who takes over our flat without any conditions.
Moreover, we discovered that previous family agreed biparty “ubergabe” with only renting company mid October already and seems is just playing games with us trying to recuperate some of their double rent costs.

I understand that Swiss laws have this cleared and “ubergabe” has to be done up 12:00 on the first day when new contract becomes valid. But do people always follow this up to the last letter? What are the general moving traditions, society rules or Swiss customs in this regard?
Just trying to be friendly expat and respect country rules and customs, but this sounds bit over the border. Or am I wrong and generalize this too quickly to country level when dealing with one atypical person?


In my experience (which has always been with biggish Verwaltungen, and not small property-owners or mini-Verwaltungen), the Ăśbergabe day has been very flexibly handled, a few days early is no problem if flat is empty, and there has never been extra rent for it even mentioned.
I believe for big Verwaltungen it’s a hassle and not worth it to separately charge Fr 400 (or whatever) for a week extra. Also I believe big Verwaltungen don’t have the personnel to magically appear at all the Übergaben of their properties on the 1st at 12:00, so are happy to do the Übergaben flexibly a few days before already.
Small property owners can be more pedantic and after the extra Fränkli, it seems, but it certainly is not some kind of norm.



thing is : previous tenants pay probably end of october. By law, the owner cannot rent it out to someone else in the mean time. Means that either :

  • owner has to give some money back to the previous tenants, so they can make the work in the time between they moved out and they do the work
    -or you have to move in later so they can make the works
    -or they do the works while you are in, and you might ask for reduction during that time.

But legally speaking, the appartment is rented until end of october by the previous tenants right now (most probably).

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I would not let principles get in the way of my peace of mind. I tend to frame these kinds of conundrums as pure financial transactions: there is something you want and you have been given a price for it. If the cost is worth it to you, I’d pay it and not spend another thought on it (heavy thoughts have an opportunity cost too). If it’s not, I’d renounce the arrangement and make my move on the 1st of November as smooth as I can given the circumstances.

Some people you can discuss with, some you can’t. The previous renter doesn’t gain a thing by letting you access the flat early. If they refuse to give you early access as of now, I doubt they can be convinced to do so without some sort of compensation (which you could negociate if you want to).


Consider me confused…

I find it surprising that the previous renters are open to helping you out, being that in my experience many folks here wouldn’t be bothered to go out of their way or negotiate. In my experience with homes managed by big property managers, the renovation happens very quickly - normally the last 1 or 2 days of the month before your contract begins. They generally require the previous tenants to be out at least 1-2 days before for that reason. I would check whether that’s the case. If not, it’s just a question of whether getting to set up before moving in is worth the $$$$ for you.

Good point. The last time I moved I rented the new flat 1 month earlier than I went out of the old one so I had 1 month both flats. This was really so convenient and I could move a lot of things by myself every day a bit, call an electrician to do things I wanted, order services such as internet etc. It was much less stressful than those 1 day moves. I would do it again.

So in the case of the situation described here in this thread I would just pay that 1 weeks rent.

Our contract starts Nov 1st.
We’d like to move in Oct 30, Saturday.
Old tenant is gone Oct 15 (but still paying rent).
Tried to agree for tri-party “ubergabe” October 25 that Verwaltungen could do inspection and repairs if any before Oct 30, but previous tenant is asking for 1 weeks worth of rent for this.

Well actually landlord should consider it, not you, especially if works are done during that week…

For that 2 days then you should pay up.

Well, they are not willing to help out until they are paid, otherwise pointing law where they can keep keys until Nov 1st 12:00.

Well, in my eyes that would be unfair to previous tenant asking to leave earlier than their contract.

Hehe, I did understand all the details but moving in 5 days earlier are kind of a week to me. So I’d say just pay up.

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Strangely Verwaltungen is agnostic to this. Got the feeling they expect us to say if we are happy or we expect some cosmetic renovation, eg wall re-painting. And we expect this, since three boys few up in this flat.
Do we have any levers requesting verwaltungen for fixes/renovation ant that they are being done before 1st of Nov?
Not a problem to pay for 2 days, we can ask same for person who takes over our flat same day to offset this.

How do you get 5 days? Nov 1st vs Oct 30.
We suggested ubergabe on 25th due to our schedules and that vervaltungen could have enough time for renovation (if any) until 30th.

From the day you have the keys you’re on the hook for paying the rent.

Well, I thought we are mustachians, very frugal people :slight_smile: Jokes a side, don’t worry about me, I can offset my costs with tenant who takes over my flat earlier than agreed in contract.
But calling people idiots on the first post …


Just a throwaway acc. Couldn’t not pass without snarking at the sheer ignorance displayed in your post. Pay up!

Aha, maybe it’s my understanding wrong of what implications does ubergabe have.

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Will not ask where you see this ignorance, but sorry if I triggered your nerves. I come from market where people would not fuss about few days here or there as it goes both ways. I tried to be as polite as possible and maybe to learn thing or two, but if you read it different it’s on you.


Don’t feed the trolls…:sunglasses:

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I suspended his account. I wonder if he’s also this direct in person.

Regarding the topic, I don’t know what’s the common practice, but if these people paid for the full month and want a week’s equivalent of rent, then I guess it’s not totally unreasonable? Moving in Switzerland is expensive. I remember when I moved into Switzerland, the first day I got my flat, we went to Ikea to buy some beds. First night I slept on the mattress, because I didn’t manage to assemble the bed :smiley: .

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