Moving out of UBS Depot

I have a few assets (stocks and funds) in UBS - mainly in €. They ask for ~80 chf per trimester to hold the stocks/funds, which just eats up any profit I can make, plus 3CHF/month for a € account (because if I sell the positions I need to put the amount somewhere). I want to move all that to IB or elsewhere (a Swiss broker would also be OK). What is the best approach? I guess the transfer will be costly. Probably, I just need to sell all and rebuy. However, the current market situation is not the best to sell those positions at the moment (you will tell me it will be acceptable to re-buy them if I sell them). What would be your approach?

To put some perspective, I had a lovely counsellor at UBS for 10 years. Thanks to her, I could buy my house (mortgage, of course), and I consolidated my assets in UBS (that was before I knew about this forum). Now, she has left and/or was promoted. I have a useless counsellor who doesn’t even dare answer my questions. I was happy to pay for a good service. I am not happy to pay for a bad one.

Don’t be scared by realized losses (see anchoring bias). If you sell and buy more or less the same things at another broker, nothing had really changed.


True, I know there is a psychological bias here. I have had some of these stocks for more than 20 years now, and it looks “strange” to sell them. Now I have to check if it’s better to move (or rebuy) all that to IB or to go through a Swiss broker (CT, Degiro ?)

Degiro is NOT a Swiss Broker. They are based in the Netherlands. :netherlands:
Take a look at Swissquote or CT if you préfère true Swiss Brokers.

Thanks, my bad for Degiro!

If it costs you less than 800chf, you can transfer all to Postfinance. They pay back all fees up until 800chf

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