Moving money to Liechtenstein as Swiss resident - anything to keep in mind?

Hi everyone,

I was considering opening the WillBe account to park liquidity benefitting from a good interest rate, but I was wondering if there are particular points of attention since I would be moving CHF (< 50k CHF) from Switzerland to Liechtenstein.

Are there any laws, tax implications or restrictions of movement of capital to keep in mind?

I’d hate to discover later that I can’t bring back money to a Swiss bank or that I would need to pay a lot in fees to do so, or that I should have informed or disclosed something in particular to authorities etc etc.

To my knowledge the only thing is that I should disclose the interest gains in my tax declaration in Switzerland while I wouldn’t have to pay any taxes in Liechtenstein; is there anything else?

As you mention: just declare it in your tax return and everything is fine.
No other implications.

I’ve heard though that there may be some issues with banks blocking the money for “security reason”, which may become an annoyance. Do you have any experience with that? Thanks!

No, never had issues with ZKB or UBS, all transactions went through.
Also talking about 50k at once.

Did you open up an account and went everything smoothly?

No worries, all good. Willbe even does swiss tax pdf thing, so adding to tax form very easy