Moving from Degiro VWRL to IB VT - how to sell/buy?

Dear all,

I am about to move from DEGIRO VWRL to IB VT. I have thought what’s the best way to do it but I want to know the feedback from your brilliant minds!

DEGIRO -VWRL = 419 shares = 39.5k€
IB - VT = 0 shares

My idea:

  • Move 40k€ to IB from my bank account and convert it to USD
  • After 15:30pm sell all my position in DEGIRO and inmediately after buy VT in IB
  • Withdra the cash from DEGIRO to my bank
  • Another idea is to make the sell when VWRL is possitive and make the VT purchase when it goes a bit in red. Is this worth it?

Thanks a lot!

Sounds like a terrible idea :slight_smile: Just do the trade around the same time (assuming it’s not a wild day volatility wise).

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hahahaha I know, but it sounds like something easy…

To be more explicit, positive and negative days are relative. It’s possible VT would take a long time to go back to the level where you sold VWRL, and they you’d miss all the growth.

Personally I’d do it in steps, say 10k EUR at a time, to avoid being fully out of the market. There will be a delay to do the money transfer Degiro->your bank->IB. Or do you already have all the cash you want to invest in your IB account?

Bear in mind that you will probably need to wait for two days after selling VWRL before you can transfer your cash to IB. If it is not to expensive, transfer thw position to IB maybe where you can sell und buy immimediatly if you use a margin account? Otherwise just sell, hope for a small drop and buy after two days :slight_smile:

He or she can easily set himself/herself limits:

Sell at X.
Buy at X - 0.5%.
If price exceeds X + 0.5% buy anyway.

If you sell one a strong upward movement, it’s a flip of the coin, basically.

I do have the cash. I can do it simultaneously.

Here’s what you do: Degiro app open on phone and IB on desktop. Click buy at the same time as you click sell… all-or-nothing orders. You might even be able to sell to yourself :laughing:


I giggled.

Then it quickly dawned on me:
Compliance and supervisory bodies likely will not find the idea very funny.

Sure, only if they get hold of it, which may be unlikely. Especially in high-volume securities like VT. Then again, if you’re really doing “symmetric” orders for a certain number and price of shares…

Is it selling to oneself if one sells VWRL and buys back VT?


Got it. No problem then.

I still (yet only) would advise against selling the same security to yourself. Even if unlikely (especially on such heavily-traded shares), it’s likely not going to be pleasant if someone did look into it, I think I remember having read about such a case once from a retail trader on some internet forum, The poster thought he was clever in taking an exchange trade as a shortcut to switch brokers, instead of transferring his positions. The authorities did notice in his case, started to investigate for manipulation and that wasn’t fun. Sure, I think it was some single small or micro cap in that case, if I remember correctly, but … not worth it just for lolz.

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