Moving existing 3a Pillars


Thanks for adding to my reading list. :wink: I’ll head along to study that. Sorry if I hijacked your thread a little!

Why have you decided to stop 3a payments for now, if it’s ok to ask?


No problem, that’s why we got this great forum.

I am trying out the ETF route, so I am more flexibel where I put my money and hopefully I have a better yield.


Do you know what “Ausgabespesen” and “Rücknahmespesen” are? I only see “Transaktionsspesen” of 0.65% deducted from my Swisscanto account. Would be great to have a short explanation of both terms. Thanks in advance.


Ausgabe is at the moment they sell it to you and Rücknahme is the moment you sell to them. Transaktion would be Ausgabe OR Rückname.