Moving EU pension to CH


Hi everyone,

I’ve accumulated pension money in a EU country (one of the Nordic countries) as I was wondering if anyone knows about the possibilities to move this money to CH? The main reason is not yield, but to keep all assets in CH as I my intention is to stay here for a long time.


Last time I checked wire transfers between CH and EU worked. A 6-7 figure transfer might raise an eyebrow and prompt a phone call to confirm, but nothing serious usually if you’ve got the paper trail for the money. Just avoid using certain safe words like “Iran” or “Cuba” in your payment message and don’t split it in multiple smaller transfers, that’ll only ring more alarm bells


Yes last time I checked too. However that is not really the point. The point is that I’ve found some conflicting info if you can transfer the money that is currently part of the public pension system to CH. Some countries, the UK for example, has some solution for it but I cannot find info about the Nordic. Hi


You can’t transfer a credit for your foreign pension contributions into the local public pension system here (AHV), period. Even if you had a swiss passport or worked here you can’t, except in exceptional cases and only for last five years

But your foreign country can still pay you your pension from abroad, no problem, as long there’s a corresponding agreement and there is one with most EU/EFTA states including Norway

But if that pension is all you got and you think you can survive on it here, fat chance! You can barely survive even on full swiss public pension.

Private pensions (pillar 2) are a different matter but it’d make little sense to transfer, just cash out and invest.


Thanks for the info. What are those exceptional cases that you mention?


Don’t worry, if you had nothing to do with Switzerland in the last 5 years they don’t concern you and you still can’t pay anything into AHV retrospectively.