Motif investing - thoughts?

I came across motif investing as part of my exploration to find an interesting place to “play around” with a small portfolio and invest in areas I find interesting.

I wanted to hear if anyone had heard of this company or your thoughts? I like the idea of investing in specific areas, like cybersecurity, breakthrough biotech, metals, US bear market etc.

The fees don’t seem excessive either, with a trading account buying at next market open is zero fee but then if you want to buy live it is 5-9 USD per trade.

Very difficult to gauge at first view. What’s your rationale behind the idea? if I’d invest in a thematic, I would like to have very serious hints that it would outperform the rest of my portfolio, or at least provide serious result. But the website does not give you any hint, except what the thema has done in the past…

Maybe you can explain why you are interested in this subject :slight_smile:

Good thoughts! I am more coming from the point of view that I have a large portion of my portfolio in passive long term ETFs. I am now interested in taking a small % of my total assets (let’s say 1-2%) and instead of investing them in ETFs, “play around a bit” with thematic investments.

I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this broker in particular, as I just came across them and never heard of them before. Didn’t mean to start a discussion on what themes make sense to invest in, as if anyone knew they would be a billionaire :slight_smile: