Mortgage and 3a - need advice


I recently bought an apartment and had a descend mortgage with Bank Migros at 0,64 % for 5 years.

A part of my mortgage is linked with my 3a. I now have the option to migrate my old 3a insurance life to the 3a pillar from Bank Migros and invest it in stocks (85%).
The fee for the management is about 0,7% do you think it could be a good idea?

Otherwise I could :
Keep my old 3a who is not really efficient. I’m not losing a lot.
Or there is maybe a better option?
I have to stay with Migros Bank and I can not use Viac for example.

Thanks for you help.

  • Make a table of your all assets.
  • Decide how much you want to invest in stocks.
  • Figure out how can you do it.
    Then you will know if you have to invest these 3a money or you can keep them as a part of cash assets.
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