More mail questions: can you hand deliver a letter and make your own "proof of delivery"?

I have an on-going situation that requires quite a bit of back and forth with the conciliation authority. They’re located in the Rathaus where I live, and it’s 5 minutes away from me.

To send letters there, I have to send everything with proof of delivery/registered. That costs 5.30 CHF every single time, or 10.60 CHF if I need a signature on top of it.

It’s 5 minutes away! Could I hand deliver the letters myself instead and have the person at reception sign a paper that they received the letter? Would that be as good as the Post CH AG proof of delivery? Kind of like if I sent a bike courier instead of a mailman.

If so, do you know of a model auf Deutsch online to draw this proof of delivery receipt that the Rathaus reception will sign?

Why not try? Having this done by a 3rd person might be even better proof though. The good thing about the postal service is that they’re impartial.

The longer and more complicated, the more “suspicious” a clerk might get that you’ry trying something shady - and less willing to sign something that doesn’t look like coming from a government authority. Or the postal service, as a quasi authority. That said, I do believe that bike couriers or others non-postal services will ask for a signed delivery confirmation at least every once in a while. I’d keep it short and simple:

Brief per Bote / persönlich übergeben
Absender: Mustachian Boschika, Forums-Strasse 1, 9999 Municipality
Empfänger: Mietschlichtungsbehörde, Schlichtungsgasse 123, 9999 Municipality


Datum, Unterschrift / Stempel

Thanks, will try that.


Just for illustrate with an example. Once I needed to make an attested photocopy in a Town Hall in France that was written in Spanish.

They told me that they cannot do it because wasn’t written the country’s official language. Well, I told him to make himself the photocopy (of course I’d pay the cost) and like that he was sure of the exact copy.

The answer was no. If I wanted the attested copy, I had the obligation to make an official translation! :-1: He didn’t understand that I need the photocopy in the original language!!!

All the problem depends of the clerk in front of you.


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