Moonfare any opinions?

Hi guys,

what are your views about Moonfare. It is a PE platform that seems quite interesting to me. Looking to hear your thoughts.



I would be interested as well. Alternatively, do people know platform to invest in PE ?

I’ve been in contact with them recently for some information.

Their customer service is reactive, sharing useful documents, notably a E&Y’s tax advice. It clarifies the tax treatment for Swiss private investors.

They serve professional investors only (min wealth EUR 500’000) and ask for proof of this status. Minimum investment is 50 KEUR or 60 KUSD for funds of funds. The threshold for direct investment is 100 KEUR or 125 KUSD.

The company looks serious and professional. They offer access to major PE funds in the business.

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Thank you very much. It is very informative.
I am a bit scared to be seen as a professional investor by the tax office but I guess this has nothing to do with them requiring a proof that you have 500k of assets, right ?


Professional investor status is needed to access certain investments.

It has nothing to do with the ESTV circular 36 and the taxation of capital gains for some persons.

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