Money Market Fund and Degiro

Hello, I am Degiro user, and I sit all in cash. As I plan my investments I transferred big part of my portfolio to Degiro account. However they keep notifying me about Money Market Fund, and fees related to their negative yield (almost -1% yearly, which is a lot!).

Question: where to (temporarily) park my money before I make some investment decisions?

I took a look at some EU bonds. However I never bought gov. bonds, and seems I couldn’t find the USA t-bills in Degiro. Any alternatives? Any other suggestions?

p.s. I don’t really want to withdraw my cash from Degiro account.

Same issue here, but money is in Post Finance and IB.

Some people told me to move it to another savings account that offer some kind of interest rate, while waiting.

Question for the people; IB will make sense to transfer the money and change the currency to USD for example with the risk of the devaluation against CHF.