Mining... any experiences outhere?

Hi guys,

I’m starting to look at mining and how to set up a mining box.
Does any of you have any experience with this stuff?

no, i dont have experience. the little chit chat i got is pretty much that mining is done where

  1. hardware is dirt cheap, e.g. china, india
  2. electricity is dirt cheap, e.g. china, india

since it takes only few knowledge nowadays every half-minded geek can set it up.

good luck competing :slight_smile:

i was reading about mining 4 to 5 years ago and I got the impression there was no way to make money back then. the only one earning cash were butterfly labs, a famous hardware provider where people had to pay in advance and basically got thery delivery date postponed so many times until nobody cared if the mining hardware arrived at all.

here’s a calculator comparing which coin mining is profitable at the moment…

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I tried to mine twize (2013 and 2015) and usually quit after about a month (dumb move I know), still at this point the couple of hours setting up made me about 3-5k today with some hardware I had just laying around anyway (i have a lot of random computerparts laying around).

At this point it is probably not worth it in switzerland (this comes from the guy that stopped mining etherium because I only got about 5-6 per month on old hardware I had laying around XD)

It’s basically not worth it. The price of the electricity is too high to make a profit. And even if you make a profit, it’s too much stress. The problem is that you always have to sell the crypto if you want to pay the bills. Buying crypto directly seems better to me.

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