Minimalist paradise


There is no free lunch, for sure.
But with a 75% reduction it’s getting close :wink:


ahaha.That is new.
Here I’ve noticed that some of the big chains don’t use the 50% sticker anymore. They use max 25% then they probably throw stuff away. pity


I managed to visit my local Migros on an early weekday morning a couple of times. Amount of stuff on -50% discount was mind boggling. I think each shop has their times where they make discounts to move expiring products. The reason you don’t see these discounts is that there are people who know exactly when these start.


No. The reason is that people do wait for them, so Coop Zurich and Aldi Zurich do not use them anymore.
I haven’t read it anywhere, but I’m fairly certain they are not used anymore.


Perhaps it’s a Zurich thing. Still plenty of -50% around here. Haven’t seen a -75% though.


I constantly buy 50% reduced stuff in Coop and Migros (Zurich area).


Coop HB doesn’t use 50% stickers anymore. I actually think that I’ve read it on 20 minuten.


Marple sirup yogurt, my favourite! :stuck_out_tongue: