Mini Massage Guns

Any recommendation for a mustachian good quality mini massage guns?

Something like this? My Magic Wand Produkte jetzt online kaufen –

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I think he is thinking of something closer to some of these:
Massagers - buy at Galaxus

Sometime like the below

I didn’t even know such things existed.

What does it do, exactly?

It basically massages your muscle and joints.

It could be used for physio when muscles are tight or painful after long walks. Some have lighter pressure options that you can use to relax stress in the neck or back.

Originally personal trainers of athlete May have used these in combo with traditional massages but those older versions are stronger for bigger muscles and also bigger in size while the new mini guns are 15-20cm tall I believe so easy to transport.

However there are so many and so many reviews. Diffficult to choose


In general, a nice cork ball does the trick…

Decreasing the amount of your wallet :upside_down_face:

Is there any physiological advantage? I thought the science behind it is sketchy.

the mustachian way is a black roll and a tennis ball :stuck_out_tongue:
It used it and it was great. but not a big muscles any more : :cry:

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Have been going the mustachian’s way (tennis ball and roll) for few years :slight_smile:

I wonder if those guns can provide some more advantages. Also, very mustachian, my company pay in full or part as I could pass under health / gym equipment :slight_smile: I have 500 chf allowance every year!!! Most already spent though

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I bought one, not “mini” but bigger size, directly on aliexpress.

For a mini, this looks not too bad Massagepistole at 75.60 if you have CSS complementary insurance.

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Which one did you buy on Aliexpress?

3 of those, 1 two years ago and 2 about 10 months ago. All 3 work as expected.


Which version and from where?

Black China EU plug (I should ask for a referral code :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Yeah, you should! Just ordered one :slight_smile:

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