Migros Cembra + Revolut topup for extra points

Hello there,
I just noticed that Migros is not giving anymore extra points when you use there MasterCard to top up Revolut!
Does anyone experienced the same?
Without this option, I will just cancel those cards…
Thanks for the feedback

Hi @TGLF and welcome,
I’ve just checked the latest Cumulus account balance…they haven’t indeed credited any point for the revolut top-ups.
It’s worth dropping an email to the customer service to ask for explanations, but the party might be over.

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Sadely the party is indeed over since begining 2020… If I remember good, cumulus started taxing the Revolut top-ups as foreign transaction (1.5%) before repaying back that tax. Now they simply don’t cash-back for this top-up
I guess the “free money transaction triangle” (cumulus->revolut->bank-account->cumulus) was being used to much xD

Thanks for the feedback :frowning:
I will now stop my contract with Cembra, I used it only for that…

Would have been a nice loophole since you could top up the revolut with the card and then send the money straight back to your bank account…

Wait, since when there is no more fee to topup revolut with a credit card? It used to be 1 or 2% if I remember well, so I never did it.

with the Migros / Cembra Card, there were never any fees to top up the revolut card except for one/two short periods at the beginning of 2020 - those fees were charged by mistake and later on reimbursed by Cembra…

Other card issuer may charge fees, though…

Also hasn’t been the case using UBS Mastercard.

I mean a fee on Revolut side, last time I checked it was 2% fee on credit card if I’m right, when did they remove it? And how can they afford to not charge a fee from credit card topup, they have to pay Mastercard/Visa a merchant fee that should be in that 1-2% range. If you just topup and then send back money to your bank account, they are losing money, or is there something I missed here?

… never had such a fee or saw anything mentioned on revolut :thinking: E.g. 50 CHF charged on my CC, 50 CHF topped up on my revolut account…

Yes, that’s exactly the "free money transaction triangle” mentioned above. There are cost involved I guess (but not covered by customers) and there were benefits involved (Cumulus points) - those benefits are suspended by now (I guess, the reason is obvious)

So, you have no fees to top up your revolut account with a ubs credit card?

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