Migros CC: Migros is leaving Cembra soon

Can you expand on this? :open_mouth:

shitty page name and hard to find page:


Not sure how it works in detail but every time someone requests a credit it gets listed in the central ZEK credit records. If you order a credit card it gets a record too (because the limit you get is basically a credit), but I don’t know what exactly they store but I think it’s to prevent that someone orders 20 different credit cards with a 10k CHF limit each and then withdraws all the cash and leaves the country.

For example when I ordered quite a few cards for testing some time ago, the first one got issued with a 15k CHF limit, the second and third with 10k limits each and then the fourth only with 6k limit. So the limit gets smaller and smaller probably they can see the limits of your other cards in the credit record. When I cancelled all the cards I don’t need and ordered another one the limit was again higher.

That’s why I would cancel cards you don’t use so your credit reputation frees up for cards you might want or need.


Thank you! I ordered those Poinzi cards and got a rather low limit. Was also wondering if I have too many credit cards already.

On the other hand, it is Swisscard, so they see how many cards I already have with them. And I already had all together over 11k card limit with them.

The new contract will start in July, so contractually today Cembra is their partner. it’s quite likely that Migros will send new cards to all their customer base before the end of the year.

Btw, Cembra is very aggressive with the late fees (I know the card is free :slight_smile: ). I got a 30.- bill because I was two days late.

That’s probably also why they don’t offer E-Bill. Without E-Bill chances are customers forget to pay so they can charge late fees.


Complain about it and ask them nicely to drop the fee. I did this a few years back, it worked. Should work for you too, if it‘s the first time.

Good, Cembra sucks so much. I never got a Migros card because I do everything I can to not have to deal with Cembra.


Ya but they still offer LSV (which I use).

I guess it is just lazyness to pay of upgrading their system to ebill.

Yes, but LSV is a bit outdated and most people don’t use it anymore because it’s inconvenient. You have no control over when exactly they deduct the amount from your account, you don’t see all the LSV contracts any our e-Banking so you can cancel it. E-Bill is just so much more user-friendly and convenient.

With LSV I would always need around 20k CHF safety cash on my main account because they can charge whatever and whenever they want.

I agree with @boschika Cembra is not really my favourite credit card company. If a company refuses to cooperate with customers and provide a minimal set of services that is considered standard since many years, I’m going to avoid that company.

I think moving the Cumulus credit card away from Cembra is the best thing they could have done, it can only get better :slight_smile:


To people who use a Viseca card : can we export transactions into .csv files ? thanks