Meet for a coffee or beer in Zug?


Hi there

I’ll be in Zug sometime in the coming weeks and was wondering if anyone would be up for a tea/coffee or beer? Would be fun to meet IRL and discuss mustachianism in Switzerland :smiley:

It would probably have to be sometime around 13.00-16.00…

Send me a PM and we can coordinate details - looking forward to hearing from you!



Awesome! Let’s grab a coffee!

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I am interested as well.

Sorry for being dumb but I am not able to find a button “Message” on your profile as documented for Discourse to PM you. What am I missing?


Maybe you need to reach a minumum number of posts before the message function becomes available ?


Hi @weirded

How exciting for me: The first reply to my first post on this forum is from @weirded! Let me explain: Your name @weirded and value investing inspired me to choose @valued for my name. Although I assume you did not mean “weird investing” when you chose @weirded, right? :wink:

With the PM you are of course right and one gets quickly to the required trust level 1.




count me in as well. just give a heads up a few days before so that i can work around meetings.


Great! maybe it’ll be a small meetup - very cool. If the weather is good maybe we can meet by the lake?

I’m still waiting for date suggestions from my client, as soon as I know I’ll post the possible dates here.

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Count me in if this happens during a weekend :slight_smile:

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hi @valued,

no no, I have chosen this nickname some eons ago (1987 :scream:) and it comes from a character of a videogame I used to play at the golden times of Commodore 64, i.e. Maniac Mansion. :wink:

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Weird Ed. I thought it was “weirded”


Similar to being freaked out,that being wierded would mean you are more disturbed by what you see or hear.


yes yes you are right @ma0 :+1:, at the time when I began to use it I put it together because it was easier to manage (i.e. for e-mail addresses, where spaces aren’t allowed)
anyway it think it fits quite good to the character, probably they’ve chosen it also because of the wordplay :wink:


I would also be interested in a meeting in Zug (I didn’t find the PM option here).


I’m in :slight_smile:


Happy to see a lot of interest :smiley:

I will be able to give specific suggestions of dates hopefully on Monday. Stay tuned!

(I have a 3 hour, one-way journey to Zug from where I live hence the extra date + time coordination)

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I’m also interested; thanks!


Any updates here? My wife and I just moved to Switzerland and would like to join :wink: