Married to a UN worker and tax declaration: need help


I am about to fill out my tax return in Geneva for 2020, and I would need help as my situation is somewhat complicated.

My wife and I live in Geneva and have been married since 2020. My wife is Indian and has been working as an international civil servant with a UN agency for about 4 years. As for me, I’m Swiss and do not work in a UN agency.
As we already knew (Les particularités fiscales |, my wife is exempt from paying income and wealth tax as she is a foreign national and works for a UN agency (see link above). Therefore, she does not have to fill out a tax return.

However, and where things get complicated is that we have been investing in ETFs via IB since mid-2020. The IB account is registered in my name: my wife first makes her monthly payments into my bank account, and then I send everything (her payments and mine) to my IB account. The payments are split 50%-50% between my wife and me.

We also invest in cryptocurrencies and proceed as described above.

As my wife is not subject to income and wealth tax, what do I need to state on my tax return? Do I have to declare the entire Net Liquidation Value shown on the IB? Or only half, since I only contribute 50% of the payments made to my IB account?

If I only have to declare half, how do I declare dividends? On what basis can I calculate the amount of tax?
The same question applies to cryptocurrencies. Do I only have to declare 50% of our investments?

Thank you in advance for your answers!

I’d ask whoever processes your tax declaration because they will judge if it is okay or not.

If you know the situation is as it is, why do you share a account with her? Try to keep things simple.

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I’d declare the portion that belongs to her as “creditor money”, that however might still trigger wealth tax for you on that money… Asking the tax office is certainly a good idea.

So I wrote to the tax office in GE, and they told me that I must only declare half of our ETFs and cryptocurrencies given that my wife is exempt from paying income and wealth tax.

Thanks for your replies!

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