Manor new mastercard


Apparently, the new Manor mastercard offers 0.5% cashback when you use it outside of Manor. So I guess it is now the new best card for all swiss-based-CHF transactions where they don’t take Amex - except maybe the Fnac Mastercard for some people.


I hope Coop and Migros will align! :slight_smile:

Is it really cashback if you can only spend it at manor? (Is it just a last ditch attempt to increase revenue? retailers haven’t doing so well this year)

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Given the high prices at Manor, I don’t think it’s such a great offer. I never spend money at Manor. I still prefer the 0.33% cashback at Migros than 0.5% at Manor.

The best mocca yogurts are 1.8 CHF for 4 instead of 2.15 CHF at Coop (different brands but I don’t see the difference). They sometimes have good offers. But usually you can use your Amex in a lot of places, so you shouldn’t have too much money back from your mastercard.

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I think it is more probable that it’s about Viseca trying to get customers from Cembra and Swisscards, than Manor trying to increase its sales.

Isn’t there a visa cashback card which pays 0.5%?

I think it only gives 0.25% (now?)

the 0.5% “cashback” is for purchases outside Manor.

However it’s not cashback, it’s points you can use in Manor…

I prefer the Amex-Visa/MC combo with 1% back in cash. I can use Amex in most of my shopping in CH (just don’t use it internationally!)

If someone is interested I can share the my link. I think you get 5% in the first months (up to 200 CHF) and I also get something :slight_smile:

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I am interested in the link! Thank you!

My code is FC40X8BFZ and you need to put it manually in the sign up process on

Looks like with this code each of us get CHF 40 and you still get the 5% on Amex purchases on the first 3 months (up to CHF 100) they offer for any new subscription - sorry for the false advertising, I believe it was higher when I signed up, or maybe I am confusing.

After that, 1% cashback for the Amex and 0,2% on the Visa or MC (so this last one use only as back up when Amex is not an option). They credit it to you in cash once a year.

Just NEVER use it for purchases outside CH or in other currency or you have a fee of 2.5% which defeats the purpose. For these you should stick with Revolut or Neon.

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