Macos software to follow up with your investments?


Hi, do you guys use any macos software to help you on your trading/investments?
The thing is, degiro is dam too simple. I need something to notify me on a regular basis on how things are.

Thanks in advance,


hey @include,
i have my robo rebalancing sheet. for the net worth sheet, check out @MrRIP’s Net worth sheet
all google sheets :slight_smile:


Hey @nugget !! That’s awesome! Although it’s a little bit advance for me :slight_smile: anyways I will give it a deep look and see which one is better for my needs. Ah, how about alerts/notifications? how do you get notified if stock X moves to a certain point? ((thanks))


I havnt looked into that. but assuming google sheet is quite powerful, you should be able to even get an sms notification…


Sharing my “current investments and rebalancing sheet” I just built for myself - not that another one is needed next to the @nugget’s one. :slight_smile:

If someone pleases: ETF - rebalancing

It pulls live ticker prices and currency conversions via Googlefinance function.


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