Macos software to follow up with your investments?

Hi, do you guys use any macos software to help you on your trading/investments?
The thing is, degiro is dam too simple. I need something to notify me on a regular basis on how things are.

Thanks in advance,

hey @include,
i have my robo rebalancing sheet. for the net worth sheet, check out @MrRIP’s Net worth sheet
all google sheets :slight_smile:


Hey @nugget !! That’s awesome! Although it’s a little bit advance for me :slight_smile: anyways I will give it a deep look and see which one is better for my needs. Ah, how about alerts/notifications? how do you get notified if stock X moves to a certain point? ((thanks))

I havnt looked into that. but assuming google sheet is quite powerful, you should be able to even get an sms notification…

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Sharing my “current investments and rebalancing sheet” I just built for myself - not that another one is needed next to the @nugget’s one. :slight_smile:

If someone pleases: ETF - rebalancing

It pulls live ticker prices and currency conversions via Googlefinance function.



I use this:

For anyone misled: Portfolio Performance’s website is exclusively German, even though the program itself works in German, English, Spanish and Dutch.

And to change the numbers format from comma to a point as decimal point, use this command:

/Applications/ -nl de_CH

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Here is my modified rebalancing Sheet from @nugget that takes the fund currency into account. You can create a copy via File → Create Copy.

You can adjust the options and the target allocation in the second sheet and everything is automatically updated. Make sure that Google Finance really finds the right ticker.

Options Value
Total Rabalancing Deviation 5%
Single Rebalancing Deviation 2%
Limit Order Offset 0.50%
Leverage 0.999
Base Currency CHF

It also generates buy order for the iBot from Interactive broker and tells you what currency adjustments you need to make. Make sure that the iBot finds the right security.

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