Luxembourg withholding tax

In this article under “Scenario 6: a Swiss buys an ETF domiciled in Luxembourg”, it is explained that if I hold a share of an ETF domiciled in Luxembourg, 15% of the dividends will be withhold as tax, which can be reclaimed using the DA-1 form. I looked at the tax treaty myself and it looks correct to me that 15% should be withheld. However, I’m a resident in Switzerland and I held such shares in a Swiss brokerage account, as well as some in a foreign bank account and both of them payed the full dividend out to me without 15% withholding.

Any idea why they might be doing this? Am I misunderstanding something?

“Ausschüttungen von Fonds mit Domizil Luxemburg oder Irland sind im Gegensatz zu Schweizer Fonds von Quellensteuerabzügen befreit” (here).

“Not subject to withholding tax” (and here)

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From the second link I see that dividend payouts by funds are not subject to withholding tax in general, independent of the residence of the recipient. I guess the withholding tax mentioned in the tax treaty only applies to regular companies.

That explains it, thanks for your help.