Looking for investing in Real Estate


We have an appartment that we rent
bought 495 kCHF, investment 100kCHF, mortgage 400kCHF.
Actual interest rate 0.7% = 2800CHF/year
Monthly renting 2kCHF, 24kCHF per year, charges 4kCHF per year (most deductible from tax)

We are looking for another investment.
I looked at funds or SCPI, the interest rate is about 4-5% per year.
Or looking for another appartment around Lausanne or Zurich.

Do you think we could find such a good investment or funds/SCPI are better ?


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Ï think that you must consider every aspect. Funds are more liquid, you can sell them without taxes, they are less risky because there is multiple buildings, the earnings are more predictible, you don’t need to manage them (not in the same way at least), etc.

Did you buy it to live in or to rent it?
I thought you can max lend 50% or so if you don’t live in the property.

Yes, you’re right, I should describe my objective first, I am looking for additional revenues, and have no need of the money for the next 10 years at least.

Thanks for your answer, We bought it for us, and then moved to a house, so we are renting it now.
I’ve seen the bank, they require 30% cash and cover all legal commisions, so I think we could buy a 2.5 room appartment in a nice area.

Wow… may I ask which bank this was?
And what is your marginal tax rate?
Anyway It seems like a nice investment once you’re FIREd (low income)

I moved to Fribenk last year, it’s BCF doing online banking, they have some restrictions (no new appartments…) but very interesting rates.
Sorry I would have to dig a little to find my marginal tax rate (plan to do tax declaration in the coming month).
Yeah we are qutie happy with it, it covers both appartment and house interests. I wonder if somebody has made similar investment.

Excellent yield, congrats !

Is the 2k per month the net rent?

Don’t forget to calculate around 1.5% for keeping the apartment as it is. That is around 7’500 per year. What is the vacancy rate in your area?

What is included in the charges?

Yes, 2k per month, you’re right there are some extra cost for mainaining the appartment, I should receive the report soon, will update you on the topic.
Charges include heating, water, fund for big renewal, cleaning main parts, maintenance of building, snow removal, gardening…
Vacancy, we were quite lucky, in 2 years it was 1 month. tenants changed last year at a very bad period, but we found new tenant that waited from June to November to get the appartment.

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