Looking for help for my Bachelor Thesis

Hello everybody

My name is Roger, I am 26 and live in Zurich. I work part-time at a bank and study business administration at the ZHAW in Winterthur.

Professionally I have been dealing with finances for quite some time. In my private life I have been dealing with the topic of wealth accumulation for 5 years.

I am currently writing my bachelor’s thesis on “Financial independence - an empirical study on its distribution in Switzerland”.

In my work I will conduct interviews or a survey to investigate the situation in Switzerland. Specifically, I imagine that questions will be asked on the following topics:

  • Motivation for achieving financial independence

  • Financial knowledge (How was it acquired?)

  • Asset accumulation (savings rate, investments, behavior in financial crises)

  • Withdrawal of assets (4% rule, etc.

It still depends on my advisor whether I should work with interviews or a survey. In any case, I have to answer the questions with people who are interested in financial independence. I think this forum is the right place for that :slightly_smiling_face:.

Is there any of you interested in participating in an interview or a survey?

The whole thing will take place in April. If I can work with interviews, they can be done in person, via Skype or by phone and they will of course be anonymized in my thesis.

I would be very happy about a positive feedback.



Hi Roger, Count me in :slight_smile:

I’m in Rogeeeeeeeer.

Hi Roger, I’m in. Good luck with your thesis :wink:

Interesting! I would love to contribute. In any case, please share the final product with us.

I’d be happy to contribute too. And I would love to see the final product as well

Interested as well, obviously.
Depending on your findings, we could organize a guest blogpost if it can interest you.

Count me in, Roger. I’d love to help and I think many others here would help as well.

If you don’t plan on doing super individual interviews, a Google Form with the main questions might help. It would maybe allow you to find different kinds of people, and interview one of each in detail afterwards.

Thanks for your feedback and support. I really appreciate it.

I’ll now discuss the procedure with my prof and will inform you directly via DM. At the moment I’m just at the beginning of my work. I first have to read through the literature before I can start with the interviews.

Of course I hope that I can inform you about the findings. However, this must also be ok for my prof.


Hi Guys

Just sent you a DM. Looking forward to you answers :slightly_smiling_face:

wow, what a reaction :smiley: everybody is keen on talking about their FI thoughts, haha and me no less ^^ just let me know

Just had my interview with Roger (on Swissgerman though :stuck_out_tongue:).

It was pretty interesting from my side too because you are forced to really think deep about the whole FIRE topic and what it means to you.

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