Looking for a MP blog partner > DE content

Hi folks,

I’m looking for a blog partner in order to reach all our Swiss-German Mustachians friends.
The main tasks would be:

  • Translation of all previous entries
  • Translation of all new entries (max 1 days delay after publication of the FR and DE)
  • Help to manage the comments

The things I can offer in return:

  • My gratitude :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • Direct connections with the CH-DE Mustachian community
  • A share - amount to be defined — of the affiliate benefits (although it’ll take some more years until the blog breakeven)
  • A translation reference for your CV — if that can help your professional life

If you’re interested, please PM me.



I’d love to help you if you need a Polish version. :slight_smile: Unfortunately I speak neither German nor Schwiizertuusch.

I, for one, think it’s a bad idea that there are French, German and Italian subforums on this forum. They are completely unused (and good), but they give an incentive to write in a different language than English. I think the vast majority of people who visit this forum understands English. And even if they prefer to write in French, much fewer people will understand it. So if, theoretically, there are some interesting discussions going on in French, I won’t be able to follow.


I totally agree. The Swiss mustachian community is already quite small, why try to fragment it further?


I think @_MP was referring to the blog, not to the forum.
Anyway I agree with you; language corners might be used to chat or organise local meetings, but discussions and other “technical” contents should be in english in order to avoid fragmentation.
English is quite widespread and none of us will be picky on language inaccuracy… :grin:

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Such a huge delayed reply…

Indeed I was referring to the blog, not to the forum — that I actually re-transformed into EN-focused.
Thanks for having share your opinions guys.