Long term absence from kindergarten

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a plan to take a family sabbatical some time in the future (in a year or two). The plan would be to take 8-10 months off, and do some slow travel with our kid that would be 5 to 6 years old.

One practical thing that needs to be resolved is getting an absence permission from the mandatory kindergarten.

The current plan is to quit both of our jobs, get rid of all our stuff and move out, but freezing our C permits while we’re absent. Then register in our home country where mandatory schooling starts later, so my kid would be free to travel.

Then either we come back to Switzerland after the long trip, or start the next phase of our life in the other country where we’re somewhat FI already.

But I wonder if there are some obvious holes in this plan and whether there are better/safer schemes to execute this plan. Or if somebody has any relevant experience to share.

If you are in Canton Zurich, homeschooling is possible for up to a year without being a registered teacher (Spezielle Schulen | Kanton Zürich), so that might be an option.


If you a) have dental insurance for your kid, b) not a high certainty that it will not be needed and c) a decent probability to return to CH after the sabbatical: Consider to keep paying the dental insurance during that time. In our case the insurance agreed on ‘Kulanz’, we returned to CH with a dental issue on day 1 and lapsed insurance…

Otherwise great timing, if you return then before entering primary school is a good idea.