Long/Short positions in your portfolio

Does anyone have long/short pairs in their portfolio?

I currently have long AMD and short INTC. In theory, this is quite a capital efficient way of investing and also provides some (imperfect) resiliance to broad market movements as the stocks are in the same sector and so movements should in theory be balanced and cancelled out (of course, if certain events such as Taiwan invasion happens, then their fortunes will diverge wildly).

What long/short positions do you hold?

Long Real Estate and stocks, short dollars and francs :joy:.


I’m 99.999% long. I’m not skilled enough to be short.

I still occasionally short $TSLA because I like lightening up a $100 bill once a year or so. :fire:

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Enjoying this hobby for the first time. Already down 11% in less than a month.

PLTR and INTC shorts doing better though!

If the expected return for a short position is -7% - fees + luck + skill per annum then you have to be quite skilled to turn a profit.

Or lucky indeed :wink:

if 7% is equity return, then this should be zero as it is cancelled out by the long portion of the pair. so you’re down to -fees+luck+skill.

Also Momentum (or Trend) is a rather simple, widespread, and well researched strategy.

Factors (as in Fama-French) are also based on long-short allocations.