Living in one Canton (GE) and having real estate in another (ZH)


I live in Geneva and own an apartment in Zürich, which I rent.
How does tax declaration work? Do I need to fill both tax declarations, and if so, do I need to fill both the same way?

I would take a tax advisor for this type of complicated question

I believe you will just need to complete the Geneva tax return and send a copy to Zurich tax authorities. This is how it worked for me with property in other cantons but check with the Zürich tax authorities if in doubt

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Not complicated, no advisor needed. You fill one complete tax return in Geneva. This tax return includes the flat you own in Zurich as an asset, and the rent thereof as income (so of course no imputed rental value / Eigenmietwert).

Geneva will assess your taxes and automatically do the intercantonal allocation, i.e. they inform Zurich and Zurich will separately bill you for their part (the net income of rent minus expenses/mortgage interests and the tiny bit of wealth tax).


Agree except that Geneva has never informed the other canton in my case. I had to send copies


Thanks Barto,

I had the exact same issue; after 2 years I realised GE had not transmitted my tax forms to ZH despite my apartment being listed.
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you all for your valuable inputs

Fill in GE like normal, and send to GE.
When ZH sends u declaration to do, simply attach copy of your GE tax declaration & send back (to ZH).

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