Lings - Insurance for objects

Has someone made good/bad experiences with this insurer ? Their much cheaper than my other insurance.

They seem to be offering on-demand insurance, mainly catering to creative professionals with insuring their equipment for limited or short-term usage.

Multiplying their daily rate with 365 days of the year yields an insurance premium of 17% (of the purchase price) per year for a notebook computer - and up to 30% for a smartphone (though you can get a rebate by opting for a monthly ‚Äúflat rate‚ÄĚ insurance.

Any way, while I’m not familiar with household insurance and their premiums, it does not seem cheap to me over the longer term.

For my new Enduro bike I would pay 75.- per month which is ca. 40% cheaper than what I pay now with my general home insurance. Then, there is also no Selbstbehalt, so I am wondering if I miss something in the footprints?

That still seems quite expensive‚Ķ For comparison: A ‚ÄėVollkasko‚Äô insurance for a motorbike in the same price range costs half of that.

Some car insurances actually offer special insurances for bikes. Try searching for ‚ÄėVeloversicherung‚Äô. Even with everything maxed out they seem to only cost ~300 CHF a year.

That seems high… Prämie berechnen - TCS Schweiz just as an example. 9000 CHF coverage, 100 CHF Selbstbehalt (and if you repair it at their store it’s waived).

Yeah but I don‚Äėt want to be TCS member as I switched to ACS because they offer their service in whole Europe.

What Lings offers is valuables insurance underwritten by Generali. Depending on your situation, getting valuabes insurance can make more sense than using household insurance (i.e. if you only own one or two valuable items). Also, valuables insurance typically lets you add all risk insurance for accidental damage and loss, or even includes it. Only a handful of household insurance offers have that rider. You can find more information about valuables insurance here: Valuables Insurance Switzerland -


Awesome, thank you for the information!

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