Lidar Technology Investment

Dear all,

I have been reading lately about the LIDAR technology and how it can start to be present in many of our daily objects: phones, tablets, cars…

I believe there is a good potential investment opportunity and would like to know if any of you is already investing in this technology and through which companies:

I have seen Velodyne, Luminar, Ouster(to be), Valeo…

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Why not some ETF covering that field? E.g. ARKK?

IIUC the issue with picking stocks from the same field (meaning competitors) usually results in X loosers and 1 winner.

I cannot access that ETF (ARKK) in Degiro… is it in IB?

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I just recently invested in VLDR.

Arjuno, would you mind sharing more the reasons that made you invest in that company and not Luminar for instance?

Yep it’s certainly available in IB.

MVIS (microvision) deeply undervalued :wink:

what makes you think it’s going to leave the <10$ value?

Compare their market cap vs other lidar companies. It’s 10x lower

I didn’t do a diligent comparison. What I read is that VLDR focuses more on high-tech and has more expensive systems. I saw that a fairly successful ETH startup (20 Mio Series A funding) uses their technology. So it was more because of affinity. But I just bought this week more to lower my buy price, and as of today it seems to be a good decision. Let’s see in a couple of years.

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