Liability insurance or product insurance?

My girlfriend spilled juice on my laptop…welp. It still works as far as I’m aware, but the monitor has a bubbly like light texture in one corner and some keys are a little sticky. Now she was very sorry and immediatly wanted to call her liability insurance, I said she didn’t have to, because I bought insurance at Digitec when I bought the laptop.

I’ve never had anything covered by liability insurance, or product insurance for that matter, before. Does anyone know where I would get more coverage from? Her liability insurance or my product insurance? My deductible would be 100 CHF from what I read in the contract. Would she have a higher one? Will her premiums go up?

Thanks for any information you can provide!

Why don’t you just look it up in her insurance contract just as you have done with yours?

Also check if its valid for people living with her.