Let's talk about diapers!

The due date is approaching! Can’t wait!

One of the things we haven’t gotten yet are diapers. From talking to other parents I’ve gotten the: “Don’t buy anything but Pampers”-talk quite often. Obviously it’s the market leader but you pay a premium for that. Mileage probably varies, and lots of parents are as likely happy with cheaper Lidl diapers or wherever. I just don’t know any personally :slight_smile:

In looking for a cheap source of Pampers I found Amazon diaper subscription.

It’s half a month (they say, 102 diapers) for 20.26 euro (including shipping) which at the moment is about 0.2 CHF per diaper.

At the moment the cheapest I’ve found so far in Switzerland are on baby-markt.ch at 0.22 CHF (if you buy two packs at the same time).

Does anybody have any experience with Amazon diaper subscriptions?

Aldi diapers all the way. Just as good as pampers and much cheaper. Maybe pampers are similiarly priced if you get some sort of subscription or bulk order but who needs more deliveries to wait in for or collect


Going a little OT, with the first kid we opted for cloth diapers, which I find a good and cleaner option. One argument was that the “regular” diapers are engineered to keep the skin dry, which can be a life saver if you are on the go, but which potentially prevents the child from making the connection I pee → I get wet → I feel discomfort; according to some this might delay getting rid of the diapers altogether (which I assume we all agree should come as soon as possible - though I regularly see >3yo children wearing them during the day…). I have to admit that, when second baby came while the first one was not yet toilet trained, we switched to regular diapers.

We mainly used the ones from Denner/Aldi, there should be tests on the internet actually showing that they are no worse than the more expensive ones if not better. Pampers really are no better in my experience, but they often come in 3x2 offers at migros (but I guess the price per diaper might still be higher than the cheaper options).

I try hard to avoid subscriptions of all kind. 102 diapers for 15 days come down to almost 7 diapers a day, which might be needed for the first weeks but TBH sounds really a lot for later months (but I have no data supporting my feeling).


My experience dating back from around 6 years ago has been that we had fewer “accidents” with pampers than other discounter brands. And pampers felt thinner (in a good way), more flexible and seemed more comfortable. So we used pampers mostly in the night as it helped the kids sleep through without interruptions. Perhaps now the discounter brands have caught up to pampers.

Denner my dudes. They cost less than 1/2 of Pampers one and are imho better.

Here is an interesting article with a comparision:

Link to the PDF comparision:


We use Edeka diapers for the day (approx. 0.11 euros per piece) and Pampers night diaper pants (approx. 0.19 euros per piece). Always buy them in bulk.

I will not really agree on your connection. The kids are ready when they are ready (they can control). You should see the indications like they ask for pee, or not wet in the morning. From there, it means that they can control it and better on summer you just remove the pampers and go for it.

I like the bio or eco from DM (Germany) better than pampers(more breathable, less skin issues) .
Anyway in regards a recommendation this is really depends on the skin of your future small one and the frequency of changing. GO cheap and observe the skin. If it is Ok stay otherwise improve the quality.

Migros and Coop regularly sell 3 for 2 packs (always in alternance but no oligopolistic scheme of course !). Might still be cheaper in Denner.

Even after 2 children I don’t feel like I could “prove” the connection I mentioned above, so it remains a speculation/belief, but I still think it’s plausible.
Of course there can’t be toilet training until the child is ready (i.e., can feel the urge and can control the muscles involved), the question is whether feeling dry after most pees for a couple years delays this readiness.


For our first kid we used “Pampers”. For second - Denner diapers.
If you prefer “Pampers” you can get them on Amazon.de; sometime Galaxus make sales; also OTTO’s.
Regarding Amazon subscription - I cancelled it after 1st month coz it was not make any sense and wasn’t worth this 5 CHF of savings. Consider also delivery time… the auto order will be placed next month the same day. Then a week or week and half of delivery. Then you are out of stock and have to buy a pack at grocery what make this subscription useless :wink: But this is my personal experience !

My wife and I only swear by Aldi, the Pampers were not absorbent enough. Buying in bulk can be tricky as you need to properly time the change from one size to the next.

You mean most paediatricians tell parents to not try any way to stop their 3yo child from peeing/pooing himself? I don’t know, I think we never touched the argument with our paediatricians.

Anyway, the stats that you quote are a picture of how things are, not necessarily how they could/should be. Actually, I believe we “train” babies into peeing/pooing themselves instead of doing it in the open as we did for tens od thousands of years in the savannah. Note that I used the work “believe”, as I don’t have scientific evidence of any sort.

Society nudges us into buying a lot of things that we don’t really need so that companies and shareholders can make a profit. Could this apply also to diapers? I think so.


There is a connection of course, but nothing we can really do until the kid can control the sphincter. Then totally agree, it is the way that they learn(or I believe that they do).

Of course, but I bet most children can control it (most of the time, at least) much earlier than 36 months.


Hi, got 3 kids, recently out of diapers with the third. We almost never used Pampers. Most of the time we had the Coop MyBaby with the 50% discount vouchers. We tried others, like Migros ones from time to time but it was not fitting as good as the Coop one. I guess it’s just an habit and once you and your kid get used to it, better not change too often, even if it’s no big deal to use other brand for a week or so.

By the way, if you agree to give information to coop supercard about your family, you get the Family card and a lot of vouchers, including very often the 50% discount on MyBaby diapers and other stuff. Also we went to a Baby stuff expo in Lausanne Beaulieu a couple of time and got a 10% discount voucher for (almost) everything at Coop that did work several months per year for 3-4 years. We were always using it at self checkout so they didn’t take the voucher from us, but you could just copy the bar code or add it to your phone fidelity card wallet or just keep a scan of it. However I haven’t seen this voucher for a year or so and it seams it’s not getting re-activated like in the past. Maybe the trick is over now.


We went for second-hand cloth diapers during 4 months of maternity leave and then disposables. We liked the natural ones from Coop due to sustainability. With one child we had daily blowouts with all brands (including Pampers), for the other child all brands worked nicely.

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We do a mix of cloth diapers, often when we plan to stay home for the day, and then Keekoo per abo. Hands down the best diapers we have ever used, and we did test some over three kids:

We just didn’t like those :slight_smile: Different strokes for different folks I guess.

We did go with the subscription after first going to DM before the due date while we were visiting friends and buying about every kind of Nr. 1 diaper they had and trying them all.

In the end we did decide to get the subscription with Amazon and got the Pampers Harmony and we’re really happy. They are stretchy enough and hold everything in quite well.

The sub is also quite nice, as they do not really make you buy them at all. You can always skip and switch and so on. The more often you buy, the bigger the discount, that’s basically what the sub is for. So far we’ve bought Nr. 1 through 3.