Lebara unlimited data 9.95 CHF

300 Mbit/s, sunrise network and you are allowed to use it on a router.

Anyone used it? Currently I have my internet at home with Swisscom with a 4G+ router and it’s perfect, even for real-time online gaming. Not sure if the performance would be similar with Lebara


I used it on a 4G Router and I got around 60 Mbit/s, which is okay for my use. It generally worked very well only when it was terribly bad weather I had some issues with lags, maybe 2 times in 2 years, other than that it worked very well. I switched to a VDSL provider because I needed a static IP for some time (now not anymore so I could switch back if I wouldn’t be so lazy). I would definitely use them again.

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Side note:

That is mean… Europe plan with no data in europe. So 1990…

Note it’s calls to Europe, not from it.

Seems like the plan is meant to be used within Switzerland, for Euro immigrants who wish to call back home. :slight_smile:

Exact. No roaming included, be careful.

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