Learning French/German

Could anybody recommend an online language course (provider), for example with private teachers on zoom, for French and/or German? I’m looking to improve my speaking, although I am rusty I have knowledge in grammar/writing. I’m not looking into classroom style teaching with 10+ people (wouldn’t be possible now anyways). Thank you!

What’s your First language? I’d know someone for Italian/German

Could be really interesting ! If you are ok to share I would be interested to in German and Italian :slight_smile:

italki.com a lot of teacher :wink:

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I use https://chatterbug.com/en/.

Its a mixture of online learning, duolingo style and live lessons with a tutor.
I love that all the materials (grammar, exercises, vocabulary etc) are fully online, no more random notes and papers everywhere from teachers via Skype and even the live lessons are recorded and you can watch them and review your mistakes.

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